A Guide To Student Accommodation

We are all aware of the fact that university fees are very high in South Africa, and that many varsity students – especially those who are not from Pretoria– cannot afford accommodation while studying. Here's our humble guide to assist students when it comes to searching for accommodation. 

Top Alternative Schools Around

Back in the day you’d go to varsity, study and end up in a specific career. These days, it’s possible for students to choose a career path and pick out their studies for their end goals. With that said, here are a couple of niche schools that will kick-start your career. 

The Best Cakes In Pretoria

Feel like a big slice of cake? Looking for a unique wedding cake? Kiddie’s birthday party coming up? We’ve got you covered with this round-up of cake places in Pretoria. From traditional tiered cakes to piñata cakes to those made entirely of cheese, you’ll find that perfect cake at one of these Pretoria cake shops. Go on, have your cake and eat it.

Mom Groups In Pretoria

Nothing can fully prepare you for the joyful chaos a new baby brings to your life. A great way of dealing with this new version of what’s normal is to join a mom’s group. With an array of baby-parent workshops, postnatal classes and baby development courses from which to choose, you’re sure to find a place and programme that’s a good fit for you and your sleep-defying little bundle of joy.