Jolly’s Spring Break

It’s time for a jol y’all! And where else can one party, than in PTA, because ain’t no party like a PTA party! Jolly Spring BreakWhat Is It?

So, make sure you look forward to this one. Spring has sprung and we are thinking we should definitely get our colourful flip-flops out, we would like to believe that spring is everyone’s favourite season, not only because of the amazing weather, but because of the amazing events. And this one is just the one to attend. This is where music meets food, drinks and an overall fun time.

When Is It?

Saturday, 01 September 2018 at 15:00.

Where Is It?

The Jolly Roger, Hatfield, Corner. Ox Street and Lynwood Road, Pretoria.

How Much Is It?

Not communicated.

For More Information

Visit this Facebook page.

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