Amadea Safe House

A Home for Healing the Hurt.

Rina Malan was running her own creche and did place of safety on a part time for many years when she realized that in order to make a significant difference she had to do this full time. She then started AMADEA SAFE HOUSE, meaning “”Loving Child of God”".

Today it stands proud – and true to its aim of providing a safe and loving Christian environment in which children can develop into well-balanced people. The focus of service delivery is children in need. Abandoned, disabled, neglected, abused (sexually, emotionally and physically) and HIV / AIDS affected / infected children who are placed in the care of the Malans by the Juvenile Courts until their cases has been finalized.

They work closely together with all the social welfare organizations in Pretoria and surrounding areas. Amadea: The house is situated on a small holding and is being used as a facility accommodating children full time in a loving family environment.


Our Vision:

To provide a loving and safe haven for abandoned, abused, neglected and disabled children – of which some are affected or infected by HIV / AIDS and assisting in feeding the underprivileged in the community. To empower women in the area to become self sustaining by teaching them income generating skills.

What do we do?

Our caring is divided into two broad categories:

- The first is focused on providing a loving and caring home for orphans, abused and HIV / AIDS infected / affected children, which is known as Amadea Safe House, while

- The second part of Rina’s work involves reaching out to destitute rural and local communities though provision of essential needs and people development projects.

Amadea Safe House:

Children are cared for until the juvenile court’s investigation is complete, and in many cases they stay longer because there’s no space in orphanages. With limited capacity in orphanages, there is a continued increase in the demand for more space at Amadea. Rina believes that children need to be nurtured to build their creative, intellectual and physical growth. Yet under her care they receive much more than this. Amadea provides a loving home.

But that’s not where their loving-kindness stops. Rina also acts as a mentor for an HIV / AIDS home based care organisations to which she supplies food and an educational programme, and she assists with feeding schemes in the surrounding areas.

She says: “”Fourteen days after I opened my home I had fourteen children in my care. And I haven’t looked back. Words cannot describe the satisfaction that we have derived from seeing little broken human beings become whole again.”"

Amadea provided a place of safety and love for approximately 107 Children over the past 11 years.

The heart of Amadea Safe House is to provide a home where not only the physical but also the spiritual and emotional needs of these children are met by Rina and Philip.
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