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Every cloud has a Silver Lining

The WET NOSE Animal Rescue Centre Mission is to…

The Wet Nose Animal Rescue Centre is a registered ‘right to life’ animal sanctuary that is involved in the rehabilitation and re-homing of abused, unwanted and neglected animals.

Our Vision is…

to rehabilitate and re-home abandoned neglected and unwanted animals;
to support owners in distress and offer a personal service to owners and animals alike;
to educate the public, especially children and to eradicate ignorance about animals;
to facilitate the adoption of animals into caring homes;
to ensure that every animal has a caring and loving home;
to actively promote sterilisation programmes as an animal population control measure; and
to have every animal identifiable by a tag and as an alternative a microchip.


WET NOSE opposes…

the use of animals in any sport which is contrary to the nature of the animal;
the use of animals in sports where animals are pitted against animals or humans;
the use of any animal as entertainment for humans, such as circuses and live animals put on display in shopping centres; and
the giving of live animals as prizes for whatever reason.

WET NOSE accepts…

that live animals may from time to time be used in films, television and theatre productions, but they must be treated in such a way that it causes no suffering or indignity to the animal. No animal may be portrayed in a manner derogatory to its species or breed.


WET NOSE opposes…

the catching and killing of wild animals unless it is absolutely necessary for the welfare of the animal or they are posing a threat to the safety of humans and believe they may only be killed when all efforts to relocate them have been exhausted; and any form of hunting of wild animals and actively opposes the practice of ‘canned’ hunting.


Abuse: Includes physical abuse as well as treating the animal in an undignified way and/or depriving the animal of adequate shelter, food and water.
Animal: Includes all sentient creatures male or female.
Mutilation: Includes any physical alteration of an animal, e.g. tail docking, ear clipping etc.
Neglect: Includes not receiving appropriate medical attention, food, water and shelter.
Suffering: Includes injury, illness, fear, stress and behavioural distress.


WET NOSE believes…

that every animal deserves a loving and caring home and will do everything in its powers to find each and every animal in its care a home;

that some are there because there owners no longer want them and have asked Wet Nose to find another home for them. Others are cared for at Wet Nose because their owners hurt, mistreated or abandoned them; that Wet Nose looks after all these animals and makes sure that they are comfortable and well fed. When the animals are strong and healthy, new homes are found for them.

Email Address: wetnose@absamail.co.za

Telephone Number: 0861 wet nose or (013) 935 3368 Clinic: (013) 935 3411
Kennels/Inspectorate: (013) 935 3412

Emergency Tel: 082 677 8084

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