The Wonderboom Nature Reserve is a 1km² reserve centered on a wild fig tree (Ficus salicifolia) that is more than 1000 years old. The tree is located on the northern slopes of the Magaliesberg Mountains near the Apies River in the Northern portion Pretoria.

The tree was given it’s name by Hendrik Potgieter and his Voortreker followers who discovered this amazing specimen in the early 1800’s. Local Tswana tribes have known about the tree for hundreds of years.. For them it is a sacred place. A legend that places the remains of a chief of an indigenous tribe beneath its roots serves to explain the size of this “Miracle” tree.

At the centre of the Wonderboom tree stands the original tree trunk, over 5m thick. Over hundreds of years the tree’s massive limbs spread out and would touch the ground. From the radial points new trunks would grow. This process has resulted in a single tree with 13 different trunks, covering an area nearly 50m in diameter.

Adults (13 years +)        R31.00
School children (7 to 12 years)   R19.00
Pre-school children (younger than 6 years)   R11.00
Pensioners (60 years +) and disabled people   R20.00

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