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Love Good Food

We love to eat. So when we do what we love, we do it good. That's what this blog is all about - yummy meals, whether in your own kitchen or at one of the wonderful restaurants this city has to offer. And of course, everything that comes with the package - good wine, places with great atmosphere...and perhaps a view. Also, party ideas - whether at home or at that venue that'll have everybody talking. Join in and share your thoughts with us!

The importance of wine with food in the setting of a great restaurant
Written by Fortunato Mazzone (Ritrovo)   
Tuesday, 07 August 2012 11:36

wineWhat separates man from the beasts? How did we end up the dominating species on our little blue planet, right at the top of the food chain? Was it the use of tools, or the need to cultivate things, the use of language, maybe? The sum total of all the possible reasons distilled, is something we call "culture and civilisation".  It can be successfully argued that in the manic pace of the modern world (the rat race to get ahead with corporate gerbils treading furiously on the spinning wheel of the road to nowhere) the catastrophe of fast food and the resulting avalanche of health problems, mental disease and mass obesity (can you put these two words together?) is that this process of civilisation is showing signs of a shaky regression.

Rediscover Chocolate
Thursday, 03 February 2011 13:56

Willy Wonka might have tried it..but are you daring enough to order a 'Chocolate Chili Fillet'? The idea might sound crazy, but when you think about it, chocolate doesn't have to be sweet, in fact, the pure cacao bean is not sweet at all, it's got a bitter wonderful taste to it and it's a very versatile ingredient for both savoury and sweet dishes. Some chocolatier way back thought to put lots of butter and sugar with it and viola - chocolate as most of us know it.

There's another Willy Wonka these days, aka Willie Harcourt-Cooze, also crazy about chocolate. Twelve years ago, he took his wife Tania, sold everything they had, bought a cacao farm in the Cloud Mountains of Venezuela and moved there. After learning everything about growing, harvesting and processing their own cacao beans, they moved back to England (Devon) and built their own chocolate factory where they make 100% cacao bars (which are almost impossible to buy - the best you'll find in stores are 80% dark chocolate).


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