Pretoria Restaurants to check out this July

It’s a brand new month, so why not try out some new restaurants you haven’t been to yet? That is one of the great things about Pretoria, after all - it never seems to run out of exciting restaurants to try out. We have rounded up a couple of primo Pretoria restaurants to check out this July.

Salsa Mexican Grill – Loftus Park

Whether you love Mexican food or want to try it for the first time, Salsa offers patrons an explosion of authentic yet unique Mexican flavours. You can even try your hand at creating your own meal if you are feeling a tad adventurous. This branch is relatively new and opened along with the unveiling of the new Loftus Park Centre. Salsa has a nice spot that overlooks the centre of this new development, and a seat out on the deck is great for fresh air and people-watching.

They serve up fresh Mexican cuisines, including Nachos, Tacos, Burritos, and Quesadillas. For dessert, you can feast on delectably fresh churros. And what would a Mexican eatery be without some tequila – don’t forget to inquire about their range of craft tequilas (you will even find some dessert tequila) and cocktails.

If you would like to book a table or find out more about Salsa Mexican Grill, you can check out their website or call 010 020 8598.

Address: 416 Kirkness Street, Arcadia, Pretoria

Industrial Coffee Works

Industrial Coffee Works has made quite a name for themselves. This establishment is not only a fantastic eatery and entertainment hub, but they also do much to help the community. This is a fantastic spot to relieve some stress while having a good time with family and friends. They have some of the best coffee in town and the meals and pastries on offer are a treat. They often host musicians and bands for a spot of live entertainment which adds to the good vibe.  

Industrial Coffee Works is also out to help make the world a better place. They are actively involved in providing job training to people from disadvantaged communities. They also run a campaign called “Coffee Reserved” that allows you to buy a cup of coffee for the less fortunate while buying your own.  

If you would like to find out more about Industrial Coffee Works and their upcoming events, drop by their website or call 079 945 0061.

Address: Corner of Heuwels and Hendrik Verwoerd, Centurion

Brasserie de Paris

If you feel like a bit of fine dining is in order this July, then you should get a table at Brasserie de Paris. Set in the beautiful Karl Jooste House, this luxury restaurant comes with a sense of history and a truly unique atmosphere. Brasserie de Paris offers patrons an elegant and intimate experience. The French cuisine is fresh, delicious, and wonderfully presented. Some favourite dishes include the lamb, the ratatouille, and the sweet crème-brulee. This fine-dining experience also caters for vegetarians, vegans, and gluten-free folk. It is important to note that table reservations are required.  

If you would like to book a table or find out more about the gorgeous Brasserie de Paris, visit their website or call 012 4603 583.

Address: 381 Aries Street, Waterkloof, Pretoria

Casa Bourguesa

This is a lovely hidden gem in the heart of Faerie Glen. This owner-run restaurant is cosy and intimate. The serve truly delicious Portuguese Tapas, Greek mezedes and popular South African dishes. From halloumi and deep-fried broccoli to hearty oxtails, steaks, and seafood – this place has a treat for you. The meals here scream comfort food – it’s all hearty and delectable from start to finish. It definitely feels like a homely corner of heaven.

If you would like to book a table (recommended) or simply find out more about Casa Bourguesa, check out their website or call 012 9910781

Address: Faeriedale Centre, 687 Cliffendale Drive, Faerie Glen, Pretoria

We hope that you’ll take your taste buds out for a treat this month – you deserve it. If you know of any must-visit restaurants, please let us know in the comments below and your pick could be featured in our next article.

By Tilana de Wachter