The Dirt On Dermalogica’s New Precleanse Balm

Here's the dirt: Did you know the average person only spends 20 seconds cleansing their skin? That's not enough to get off all the make-up, sunscreen, excess sebum (oil) and environmental pollutants that build up throughout the day. Plus, today's formulas are designed to stay on the skin for longer, so it takes more than a single surfactant or soap-based cleanser to get everything off. Dermalogica's new precleanse balm cuts through the build-up in just one application, setting the stage for your healthiest-looking skin. 

A water-activated formula that transforms from a balm-to-oil, precleanse balm is an innovative take on dermalogica’s iconic precleanse oil. Ideal for normal to dry skin types, the precleanse balm features a natural Biolipid complex that locks in hydration and reinforces the skin barrier while apricot kernel oil helps nourish the skin – and it comes with a double-sided, ergonomically designed mitt for enhanced cleansing and exfoliation. The NEW precleanse balm can remove almost anything, including waterproof mascara, long-wear foundation, sunscreen, lipstick, eyelash glue, hair removal wax, costume make-up and chewing gum in hair.

Healthier skin begins with step zero. Zero make-up, zero irritation, zero residue!

NEW precleanse balm is “step zero” in Dermalogica’s exclusive Double Cleanse technique, the Dermalogica skin therapist’s go-to method for achieving ultra-clean, healthy skin. Here’s how it works:

  • Step 0: Apply precleanse balm to attract and dissolve the layer of build-up that typically blocks your regular cleanser from doing its best work. Dispense the balm onto the cleansing mitt or directly to the dry palm of your hand. Massage into dry skin. Add water to emulsify and transform the balm into lightweight cleansing milk. Rinse off.
  • Step 1: Apply your dermalogica cleanser to remove any leftover traces of precleanse balm and impurities for a professional level of clean. Skin is left soft, nourished and ready to receive the benefits of your regular skincare regimen.

NEW precleanse balm comes in a 90ml tube with cleansing mitt and is priced at R660. Find it at authorised dermalogica® skin care centres, and at