Smuts House - Irene

Just outside Pretoria stands Smuts House Museum, home to Field Marshall Jan Smuts and his wife from 1909 to their deaths. The Smuts family lived here for many years and the 'big house' is now a museum. The rooms of the house have been restored and the house was declared a National Monument is 1969. Rocky ridges and Highveld grasses are found at the back of the house and it is here that Smuts' ashes were scattered and a memorial now stands on the summit. Visitors are able to tour the museum and go for walks or picnic in the picnic area. Click here for contact details

Visit a local museum

All over town are scattered the footprints of our heritage. From the distinctive Union Buildings and Voortrekker Monument, to the more hidden away Smuts House and Melrose House. Before you think 'boring!', take a trip to the Tranvaal Museum with its interactive elements. Expose your child to our rich history resources, and learn a bit more yourself in the process. Click here to see where you can explore next.

Mandela Day

This month we again celebrate the great charity initiative of Mandela Day. Have you thought about your 67 minutes yet? Click here for a list of charities you can help. It's not just about giving your money to help; we each have personal resources we can offer. Give of your time in whatever field of expertise you are in!