According to Booksy, 43% Barbers Act Like Psychotherapists

The survey by Booksy found that 43% of barbers act like a psychotherapist. What does this mean? Well, it means that these people are providing an emotional service to their customers. That's right - your hairstylist can help you work through your problems and troubles in life just as much as any other therapist out there! So, the next time you need someone to talk to, go see your local barber for some advice on how to fix what's been troubling you.


Hair stylists are not only professionals who create a look for you, but they also listen to your deepest thoughts.

While this has been true for the entire history of barbers and other hair professionals, the pandemic has amplified that considerably. People got tired of sitting around their homes doing nothing and as soon as salons got opened, they needed to vent. This means there are many people who don’t have someone in life to talk to about what’s bothering them so they go get it out with their hair stylist instead. It also helps because your stylist will know more about you than a therapist would right off the bat! They’ll be able to ask things like ”what shampoo do you use,” or “are you colouring your hair?” which can then lead into deeper conversation topics if need be.

They offer advice and help people with their problems.

The stylist often know you better than your therapist. In the Booksy survey, 43% of stylists said they have been tapped for advice on personal problems like love and relationships. It’s a job not many are qualified to do but these professionals are trained in their craft so it makes sense that they’re stepping up when someone is just out of options. Hairdressers see clients every day who need emotional support or guidance; some might be anxious about work, others may want to talk about an affair eating away at them from inside – all topics which can go unaddressed without professional input. And isn’t being able to speak freely about what we’re going to leads to major issues further down the line.

What are the most common topics discussed with barbers?

Rightfully so, the recent Covid-19 pandemic is the most popular thing to discuss with the stylist. Followed by work and family, it’s no wonder that such an event had a tremendous impact on the psyche of the society. Further down the list are personal relationships, physical and mental health, with sex being the least popular topic. As you can see, these are all incredibly important issues in our day to day lives, so it doesn’t really come as a surprise that modern hair stylists have another role to fill.



Another thing is that, according to that same survey, barbers are the most trustworthy, with 37% of people listening to their advice. They’re followed by personal trainers (34%), and bartenders (29%). Perhaps it’s the atmosphere of a barbershop that makes people more trustful. Each customer can feel like they’re home even though they’ve just met their barber. Barbershops usually have a friendly, cosy, and understanding vibe to them.



Still, the customers aren’t the only ones on whom the pandemic has taken a toll. Barbers themselves have issues as well.



28% of customers have noticed that their barber seems overworked, which is no wonder. They want to get back on track after the standstill caused by the recent pandemic. Stress, anxiety, and depression are next in line, and all of that can stem from being overworked. The bottom line is, be nice to your hair stylists!

A hair stylist is always there for you!

With the pandemic nearing an end, we can assume that hair stylists will be up and running as long as we need. They will always listen to you because it’s a part of their job. Building healthy relationships with their customers will land them even more sales because of word of mouth. While that is their business, you shouldn’t look at it the wrong way. Most professionals really do care about their customers, because they simply like people, they like to help, and they like to talk to them. It’s not always about money (though it’s hard to believe!).