Advancements In Manufacturing To Promote Sustainability

For some time now, there has been a need to change the way we live to a more sustainable and carbon-free life. This has encouraged many countries to start considering different forms of technologies and ideas to bring about a greener world. Manufacturing, being one of the main industries having to adjust to a greener world, has had to make advancements in order to ensure this idea comes to life. Let’s take a look at how this industry and the sectors it works with have advanced in ways that can ensure we all have a sustainable future.

Green Manufacturing, Explained 

In content, green manufacturing may be defined as the renewal of production processes and the establishment of environmentally friendly operations within the manufacturing field. Essentially, it is the ‘greening’ of manufacturing, in which workers use fewer natural resources, reduce pollution and waste, recycle and reuse materials, and moderate emissions in their processes. Through green manufacturing, there are opportunities to create sustainable living, work and business opportunities, especially in disadvantaged areas. Tax incentives are also available to companies aiming to invest in renewable energy, energy efficiency, research, and development, as well as state-of-the-art technologies.

Green Technologies For A Better Today &Tomorrow 

Green manufacturing has been a present phenomenon for many of South Africa’s government organisations. Through solar-powered geysers being introduced in some rural areas, the dawn of green manufacturing had arrived. Utilising solar power in the manufacturing process has the clear benefit of greening the manufacturing sector, therefore contributing to an increase in environmental sustainability. There are further benefits to be found in promoting the production of solar power, and they include; the opportunity for localised production and maintenance for the creation and maintenance of solar panels and batteries, thus opening up employment opportunities. Solar power also provides a much more reliable source of electricity, automatically assisting in the growth of the manufacturing sector. It also improves service delivery by municipalities as it contributes to a more satisfied community, and there is potential for municipalities to generate and retain more revenue by providing solar power.  

Solar power panel on sky background,3D rendering

Lighting Up The World 

Green manufacturing also opens up opportunities for the provision of lights in rural areas and communities. Solar-powered lighting will provide these areas with sustainable lighting, which will bring about a safer environment. This ripples into the improvement of these regions. 

Cleaning Up, Keeping On

Green manufacturing and recycling go hand in hand. It is through reusing our resources that we create biodegradable and safe products. An example; the city of Cape Town, in 2015, won Recycled Product of the Year for their Fifty/50 Wheelie Bin at the South African Plastics Recycling Organisation (SAPRO) and Plastics|SA awards ceremony. This competition aims to acknowledge products that are made from recycled materials and to encourage brand owners and industrial designers to consider recycled plastics as a material of choice. The Fifty/50 bins have been a huge part of Cape Town and have been introduced in the rural areas as well as locations in the Western Cape province to promote a cleaner environment.

Speaking of Cape Town cleaning, another recycling initiative by this city and other coastal regions in South Africa is ocean clean-ups. These are mostly provided by non-profit organisations and companies that are looking to create a cleaner environment. Some of the trash found on these beaches is used to create biodegradable products. 

Climate Change? Bring It 

With green manufacturing, the construction industry also stands to gain a change of scenery. Climate change has been having a huge impact on many people in South Africa, making it hard for people to maintain a sustainable livelihood. Green manufacturing inspires the building of green houses for agricultural areas, making farming better and eliminating poverty in the process. 

Can Your Business Go Green? 

Your business can join the carbon-free era with some adjustments to your current workings. Consider changing your equipment to a greener setup. You can start small; by changing your lighting, avoiding plasticware and using green cleaning products. It is possible to create a greener working environment no matter your business, and there are financial opportunities such as WesBank’s industry finance offering. From extruders and forklifts to CNC lathes, printing equipment and complete product-line installations, to the build-up of larger plants, industry finance can take your business to the greener side of the grass. 

Final Words 

Manufacturing sectors are the ones who will help in ushering the rest of the world into a greener era. From manufacturing to tech, to construction, transport and medical, a carbon-free world is possible through collective ideating. Again, this creates ample employment opportunities, mitigates challenges such as poverty, and offers entrepreneurship openings. So, get your business going green today. You won’t regret it.