All You Need To Know About Capital Mall

For those who think a mall is a mall is a mall, Capital Mall might convince you otherwise. While it’s true some malls are soulless replicas of any other, that’s not the case here.

Ok, that’s bold, as it’s only opening in 2021, but it looks awesome and it’s good news nonetheless. Not quite Yankee Doodle Dandy, as the US, for example, has some 2,198 square meters of what is ostensibly mall space per 1,000 citizens. That’s the world’s highest per capita mall-o-rama rate. Very interestingly, however, the US, Canada and South Africa all share the greatest amount of mall space per citizen, when seen as relative to household consumption. In other words, we also like to shop! A 2018 report by the South African Council of Shopping Centers found that we have some 418 square meters of mall space per 1,000 people. High, but still way off the American reality.

Capital Mall will be stylish and spacious, with loads of room for easy growth down the line. And it’s going to be large. At an initial phased opening of some 60,000 square meters, the facility can expand without much fuss to around 100,000 square meters over time. With cutting-edge design and over a billion rand behind the project, developers McCormick Property Development (MPD) are confident the mall will anchor further development in the area.

Situated in Pretoria West, the “mega-development” mall has a host of satellite developments planned too. Capital Mall is also good news as we’re in a bit of an economic slump. South Africa is struggling, not shining. With construction feeling it in all the wrong places, projects like the mall are a massive shot in the arm for the industry and business as a whole. Projections indicated that shopping mall development would be slacking off between 2018 – 2020. That said, predictions for an economic upturn are rife for 2021, which is just as the new mall opens.

The mall that nearly wasn’t, a town planning appeals tribunal only granted final permission for the development in April 2019. At Capital Mall, there will be “direct access” from both WF Nkomo and the N4 highway. Very close to the pending N4/R55 interchange, the mall will boast two levels and all the usual tenants, with some added novelties too. The anchor that will spawn “Capital City” – all of the satellite developments planned around it – this mall will make a huge impact on the area as a whole. Costing some R5 billion, the surrounding developments will include a value retail center, car dealerships, student and affordable housing, schools, as well as a 150-bed private hospital.