Dining At Vibrant Altitude In Pretoria

Go on a flavourful African and Asian cuisine journey at Altitude Restaurant.



Grabbing The Taste From The Sun

Altitude is situated at Time Square, a bustling and vibrant area in Pretoria.

This restaurant combines the flavours of African and Asian cuisines, for something definitely worth exploring. At Altitude, all your cravings will be met.

Let’s explore what Altitude has in store for us.


Balancing The Altitude

Altitude boasts one of the most amazing rooftops at Time Square. They invite everyone into their extravagant social-supper club and champagne garden – some bubbles and a great vibe make the best combination.

Altitude also hosts some of the most entertaining events and functions, offering the full experience. 

The restaurant aims to create a vibe that is electric and addictive. With an owner who has been in the industry for a very long time, you can be sure to get the ultimate experience at Altitude.


Altitude combines the flavours from African and Asian cuisines.

Their menu is packed with flavour and versatility. The menu is also great for pairings, bringing together African cooking techniques and Asian flavours to create the perfect meal.



Altitude’s collection is very generous with a variety of multiple bubble selections, whiskey, gin and vodka.

The restaurant also makes some of the most unique and delicious cocktails, so you can enjoy something unexpected when having your night out.



Altitude hosts some of the most exclusive and glamorous events in the city.

Set within this rooftop restaurant is The Lobby Room, this is a space that is great for post-dinner celebrations, private clubs, corporate bookings and much more.



Altitude brings an electric vibe and is always packed with vibrant people who love the social life, nightlife and pure entertainment. It’s the perfect place to meet new people.

Time To Have Fun

Altitude is all about creating the full experience, from the eats to the drinks and all-round entertainment.

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