Baby Bubble, The Cutest Baby Spa And Swim Gym

Bond with your baby while they get some pampering treatments at the Baby Bubble Baby Spa & Swim Gym. They will love it!

Baby Bubble

Baby Bubble Baby Spa & Swim Gym is just what you need to keep baby happy and healthy. This is the perfect way to bond with your baby while giving them the best start to life.


Why Baby Bubble Baby Spa?

Taking your bundle of joy to spend the day at this spa will not only make them happy, but will also help reduce any form of irritation your baby may be experiencing.

Some of the benefits of taking your baby to Baby Bubble Baby Spa & Swim Gym are:

  • Better understanding of child behavioural states and cues of your baby.
  • Improves sleep.
  • Aids digestion and reduces gas in babies with colic.
  • Can promote lactation.
  • Improves cardiovascular function.
  • Reduction of the discomfort of constipation and colic.
  • Improvement in baby’s coordination.

Baby Bubble

How Different Is Baby Spa & Swim Gym?

Baby Bubble specialises in hydrotherapy, physiology and general medical practices.

It’s a great place to nurture and bond with your little one. The spa has some amazing programmes to choose from as well as weekly group classes.

Classes that you and your baby can enjoy:

  • Pregilates
  • Music Box
  • Baby Bootcamp

Baby Bubble

Deep In The Waters

The Baby Bubble Baby Spa & Swim Gym has water flotation for the baby, with the support of a floating device.

At the Swim Gym, you and baby can learn a bunch of skills to keep baby safe in water. These skills include:

  • Stomach Position
  • Back Position
  • Kicking
  • Arm Pulling
  • Submerging
  • Swimming
  • Rolling Over
  • Breath Control

The Softest Touch

Right after a dip, your baby will be given a gentle massage by either yourself or one of the house professionals, based on your preferences.

Here are a few things you need to know before heading to the spa:

  • Sleep – Ensure that the you arrive at the end of the baby’s sleeping time.
  • Time – Be early.
  • Food – You can bring along the baby’s formula or pacifier, nothing else is required.
  • Wellness – If you or the baby are a bit sick, rather stay at home and focus on getting better.

Baby Bubble

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