Best Milkshakes In Pretoria

Everyone loves a good milkshake! Whether you're in the mood for something outlandishly indulgent, or simple and sweet, there are so many options to be found right here in Pretoria.

Let’s start out with where you’ll find some of the most outlandishly indulgent milkshakes in Pretoria – Mustang Sally’s. Well known by subscribers, this diner is a larger than life experience for a host of reasons, and the milkshakes are no exception. With everything they can stick in a glass that’s creamy, sweet and yummy, you might struggle to get around to a traditional milkshake, but there’s always a return visit, or several, no one’s counting. About to crack with shopping bags and kids in tow? Try their “adult” milkshakes with a bit of blitz in them, and the zen shall return.

Perpetual favourite, Lucky Bread Company gets a lot of press, and they completely deserve it. When it comes to milkshakes – although they have a fine range – they’re really worth a pilgrimage for two versions: the Lucky Espresso, and anything with berries in it. If you normally associate berries with healthy smoothies or juice drinks, their version of berries in a shake might open up new vistas for you.

Less ostentatious but a superb offering is Aroma Gelato. Fancy a Banana and Coconut or a Peppermint Crisp? And Bar One is Bar One, right? Had Bar One ice cream once, you’ve had it all, correct? Answer that after you’ve tasted a Bar One Milkshake here. Any outfit making ice cream cakes is going to do milkshakes justice, and they don’t disappoint.

Outrager of dietitians and assailer of pancreases, Kota Joe might be a bunny chow depot, but there are two things you need to know. Firstly, their Milk Tart Milkshakes go head to head with Afro-Boer’s version – they’re different but vie for the title. Secondly, Tiramisu Milkshakes have never tasted this good. When the menu is populated with White Choc Berry Milkshakes and Malva Pudding Milkshakes, you know this roadhouse is going to reach across generations. Here, you’ll find milkshakes worth the drive, no matter where in town you are.

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Afro-Boer is a paradise of delicious homemade fare, and jislaaik – their milkshakes deserve mention. Ever had a Milk Tart Shake? Or a vegan milkshake made from peanut butter and coconut ice cream? Slurp a Vanilla Cafe – both creamy delight and caffeine fix – and you’ll definitely want to come back for more.

You’ll find honest milkshakers in Pretoria – honest in that they skip the pancreas and go straight for the heart! The famous Brooklyn Brothers diner is better known as a cool venue for pub grub and craft beer, but they’ve got a couple of Pavlov’s bells on the menu too. You’ll be forgiven for salivating publicly for their Brooklyn Heights Milkshake, laden as it is with a KitKat wedge, choc-fudge icing, and – no jokes – a doughnut. If a shot to the heart seems too much of a morning, try their more subtle yet equally indulgent Zoo Biscuit option, or any of the Brooklyn’s Best milkshakes. 

If you’re still standing, what is truly yummy milkshake without a candyfloss option? Here’s where Hudsons in Hazelwood comes into its own, offering a Strawberry Candyfloss Milkshake that should probably be illegal. Relationships have died over this. If that sounds too predictable for you, give the Salted Caramel Popcorn a try, or even Nutella Waffle. Sign up for a gym before you visit, and the guilt will lessen.