Café 41 Is The Cosmo Hangout You’ve Been Looking For

If you’re wondering what makes for a really great eatery, you deserve a visit to Café 41. There are a few dotted around Pretoria, and more than a few good reasons why the venue is so de rigueur right now.

Sophisticated – No Matter The Occasion 

“Café 41 is a sophisticated, cosmopolitan and informal venue.” The onsite copy says it best and, frankly, there’s not a whole lot left to add to that statement. Except, of course, that the venue isn’t pretentious. Not snobbish in the least, just genuinely cosmopolitan, and that’s an important difference. Think you and your mates in a stylish setting yakking away with yummy coffee, grub and wine at arm’s length. Kind of what you wish your lounge was at home, if you were expecting Richard Branson to pop in. Here, too, they’ve catered so capably for the senses, the ambiance and the eclectic mix of patrons coming and going.

For all of those subtle yet compelling reasons that make an eatery great, Café 41 is riding a mighty big wave at the moment. A welcoming and hugely attractive venue, the decor, menu and attitude are all spot on going into 2020. More than just pretty paint techniques and stylish furnishings however, Café 41 is in vogue for all the right reasons. Business breakfasts here are becoming a Pretoria benchmark, and the good people of la Café don’t disappoint. 

You can expect fast, hot and tasty breakfasts as you plot your next hostile takeover. Also more than just a breakfast venue, meals at any time of the day are made with passion and served cordially and promptly.

Evening birthday bashes – even ones that get a little out of hand – and other soirée gatherings are well catered for here, and if sharing a bottle of vino with friends is a regular enjoyment of yours, this is definitely the place to do it.

There’s A Café 41 Near You

The Café 41 in Groenkloof is the flagship outlet among them, having grown organically from being a previously more humble coffee outlet waking Groenkloofers up in the morning. It has become a landmark, and has defined the ethos of the group. Some 15 years after first opening, it is today a regular hangout for many patrons – some of whom you’ll see more than once a day if you care to take note. It’s one of those addictive venues where they just lay it on so well. Breakfasts are awesome, sit down lunch or even a bite on the go is great, and sipping cocktails later on the terrace makes for perfect sundowners too.

Ideally positioned at the fountains circle for Joburgers coming in and any eastern criss-cross Pretoria traffic, the Groenkloof and other Café 41 venues regularly cater for special events and parties. This is a continental restaurant with flair. More than just talk, Café 41 has scooped several Diners Club awards for their wine list year on year, including a Diners Club Gold Award for the Best Wine List Of The Year in 2013. Wakker skrik – these people are on point! 

There is a Café 41 in Groenkloof, Rigel, Eastwood Village and Silver Lakes. Stores open Monday to Saturday from 07:30 until late, and on a Sunday they open from 9:30 until late too.