Celebrate Your Birthday In Lockdown!

Don't let COVID-19 ruin your birthday celebrations, because there are lots of ways to have your cake and eat it as you turn one year older.

Birthday cake with lit candles in the dark

Celebrating your birthday in lockdown needn’t be a downer. You still have the opportunity to celebrate your life journey, even from the confines of your own home. Birthdays are about much more than the trimmings after all. Your special day offers you the chance to reflect, reminiscence and create new memories. If you will be celebrating your birthday alone or with a few family members this year, make the best of it. Here’s how:

Don’t Let The Lockdown Ruin Your Birthday 

You have probably had to change your mindset and outlook on life a few times while in lockdown. As social distancing, excess hygiene and working from home become the new norm, we are constantly adjusting. Celebrating your birthday in lockdown is no different. It’s important that you don’t compare this birthday to your last and try not harbor on the fact that you can’t go out with friends or throw yourself a big party. Even if this is a milestone birthday, you can always host a big blowout next year. Once you embrace your situation, you will be able to plan the very best lockdown birthday possible.


Bake Yourself A Birthday Cake

If you haven’t already been baking up a storm in lockdown, your birthday is the perfect excuse to get out the mixers and measuring spoons. Even if you will be celebrating alone, you should put in that extra effort for yourself. Besides, if there’s no one there to see you, what’s stopping you from finishing off your whole cake? You can work off the birthday cake weight later.

Take Loads Of Photos

How many pictures did your parents take of you on your birthday growing up? While you may look a little scraggly after weeks of unruly hair growth and a lack of sunshine, there is no reason why you can’t snap a few good birthday selfies. Spoil yourself with a DIY pamper session on your birthday, making use of pantry staples to indulge in a few at-home beauty treatments. Once you’ve got yourself spruced up and ready for the camera, put on your party hat and smile away! If you’ll be celebrating your birthday with family, rope them in, too. One day when COVID-19 is a thing of the past, you’ll look back on these pictures with fond memories.

Make Your Own Piñata!

What’s more fun than raining candy? Think old school when planning your lockdown birthday and get busy crafting your very own paper mache piñata. It’s a great way to pass the time and learn a fancy new skill. Plus, you’ll be able to take your frustrations over being in lockdown on your birthday out on it. Fill your piñata with your favourite sweets or chocolates and have a good wack when it’s time to celebrate. You will need a few basic items to create the piñata:

  • Flour
  • Water
  • Newspaper, cut into strips
  • 1 balloon
  • Crepe paper
  • Cold glue
  • Scissors
  • Craft knife
  • Twine
  • Sweets

Follow these simple steps to create your piñata: 

Step 1: Mix one part water with one part flour to create a paste.

Step 2 : Blow up a balloon and cut newspaper into strips.

Step 3: Dip newspaper strips into the paste, squeezing off excess paste. Apply to balloon.

Step 4: Repeat the third step, layering newspaper on until the balloon is covered by three to four layers. Leave an opening at the top for candy.

Step 5: Let dry for at least 24 hours. Then pop the balloon and decorate to your heart’s content.

Source: www.berries.com


Running low on alcohol? Make a jug or two of tasty mocktails to enjoy on your birthday. While it may not be the same as sipping sundowners with your friends to bid farewell to the year that was, it’s festive enough to put you in a good mood. Top off your glass with a cute mini umbrella and welcome in the new and improved (not older) you! But once 01 June passes, you can add booze if you wish!

Zoom & Balloons

Zoom parties are all the rage at the moment. Jump on the bandwagon and invite your friends and family to join you for a birthday party from a distance. Decorate your bedroom or living space with balloons and streamers to set the mood. Or, gather together all your old birthday decorations and create a mish-mash theme for your online party. Make sure your entourage sings ‘Happy Birthday’ to you at least three times (they should be used to it by now!)

Happy birthday! We hope it’s a good one.