Check Out The Hazel Food Night Market

Come with us as we explore one of Pretoria's most popular food markets... at night! Here's your guide to the Hazelwood Food Night Market.

One of the most invigorating things persistently surrounding the recently developing food and culinary culture across the world and, especially here in the capital city, is the old time occurrence of food markets. These are a consistent phenomena in a world where increasing amounts of care and quality are being invested into good eating. Not only do they make for a pleasurable activity with friends and family or a fun-filled attraction of discovery and exploration, but offer a well made and delicious informal meal.

We have the privilege of a vast range of food markets here in town, but one that would make someone like famed L.A. food critic, Jonathan Gold, approach with intrigue, is the Hazel Food Night Market. This is currently an immensely gratifying occasional installment on the P-town calendar.

By now, the Hazel Food Market banner is a known brand in the 012 for its variety of events and markets hosted at the Greenlyn Village Centre in the heart of Menlo Park. Although, their main happening is the night market every now and again on a Saturday evening from around 17:00 to 21:00.

The large open market space inside the centre complex, next to the parking lot and hugged by streets on both sides, gets packed with a horde of food stalls. All varying in size, colour and aromas. These stands are suppliers of the widest selection of the finest global and local street food cuisine options our city has to offer. You would be able to find anything from gourmet sandwiches of pulled pork or brisket, samoosas and curries, burgers, dogs and pizzas, beer and gin cocktails to famed street foods such as cannoli, tacos, falafels, shawarmas or jaffles. There are also purveyors of delectable eats like croquettes, melk kos, fish and chips, schnitzel and churros. Stock up on cheese, baked goods, bottled preserves or sauces and butters. Anything and everything your browsing gourmand heart desires.

The food market has been awarded the “Best of Pretoria” by the 2018 Readers’ Choice Awards. Be sure to visit and like their Facebook page for updates on events and information regarding the market. The next food night market is only listed to take place on the fifth of October, but they will hopefully announce another edition to take place sooner and before that. Keep your eyes peeled not to miss this sporadic foodie valahalla.

by David C. Steyn