Checking Out Honey Bee Baker

Aptly named, Honey Bee Baker is like a remake of Stranger Than Fiction. The smart girl realises that no matter how great a graduate she can be, she’s an even better baker!

Aptly named, Honey Bee Baker is like a remake of Stranger Than Fiction. The smart girl realises that no matter how great a graduate she can be, she’s an even better baker! Enter Melissa, aka the Honey Bee Baker, a qualified industrial engineer and self-taught baker, who just happens to now produce some of the best looking cakes in the land.

Somehow bringing a rejuvenating, yet classic, touch to what can’t be improved upon, Honey Bee Baker’s wedding cakes are top drawer renderings, and any couple tying the knot couldn’t do better than a masterpiece from Melissa’s oven. Commandeering mom’s kitchen from an early age, Melissa was forced to whip up sweet treats for herself, as she was clearly a sweet tooth kid in a savoury family. Little did she guess that this childhood behaviour was the first spark of a passion that would outshine all other endeavours.

Honey Bee Baker

Honey Bee Baker Buzzing Online

No slacker online either, Honey Bee Baker’s website is a detailed store, with professional navigation and intel, and gift card options too. Melissa hosts assorted workshops throughout the year, where she trains attendees to bring a professional touch to challenging baking pursuits. Wedding cakes are a huge thing here – for Melissa they’re a big part of the consecration of a wedding feast – and jislaaik can this lady slap a royal one together. Calmly popping out cakes genuinely fit for any royal wedding, Honey Bee Baker has been the darling of more ceremonies than you can shake a stick at.

So gepraat van darling and skattebol, if you’re wondering how the name Honey Bee Baker came about, it’s an endearing story. Clearly a loving man (who as clearly knows which side his bread is buttered on!), Mr. Honey Bee Baker would show his support for Melissa’s industrious kitchen by calling her “bytjie.” And since the name Melissa draws its origins from the Greek word for honey bee, ‘meli,’ it all makes sense. As the business grew, so did the name morph into ‘Heuning bytjie bakker’, as, no doubt, the sweet rewards were growing steadily!

Thinking And Baking Big

And before you think “Aaaah, nice,” this is more than a love triangle between a man, a woman and a kitchen. The reason the name isn’t “Heuning Bytjie Bakker” is because this lady thinks big. An English rendering as “Honey Bee Baker” has wider appeal, and Melissa is certainly not curtailing her efforts to SA’s borders, no. Fully prepared to cater for international clientele, if you pore over the cakes on her site, you’ll see why.

Probably the most de rigueur baker in the land right now, Melissa goes about things with a professional flair. You can order a tasting box for your event, and consultations will follow to narrow down preferences and budgets. A new addition to the site is the custom wedding cake portal, where brides get a full depiction of cake and frosting styles, slicing options, accompanying prices – you name it.

Gentlemen, if you see your fiancee on the site, you’re probably not going to be able to afford those new clubs for now, sorry. But, wow, the sheer glamour and world class presentation of Honey Bee Baker’s cakes, is worth every penny. If you suspect that your pending wedding might be the high point of your lady’s life, you can get an ace up your sleeve ordering that all-important cake from Honey Bee Baker. It will be perfect. You heard it here first.