Cooking Courses in Pretoria

Restaurants on every corner, ready meals in every grocery store, and the comforting support of UberEats and Mr Delivery. Nowadays, home cooked meals may seem like too much work and a lost art. But let’s face it, cooking is an essential skill.

If you have the urge to cook up a storm, but you don’t quite know your way around a kitchen, it might be time to consider a cooking course. Cooking courses make for a great date night and a wonderful bonding activity for family and friends. You can even get the kids involved! We have rounded up some cooking courses in Pretoria so that you can have some fun while learning a new skill.

Antoinette’s Cookery School

Lyttleton Manor is home to a fantastic hands-on cooking school where you can take some courses to find your culinary fire. They offer a range of courses including team building, group cooking, day to day cooking, and kids’ and teen courses. There are also some themed classes that are based on different countries and cultures so that you can add a little something interesting to your dining experiences. You will even find some free and tasty recipes on their website to get your mouth watering.

For more information on Antoinette’s Cookery School’s courses, visit their website, [email protected] or call 012 664 8485.

Steyn’s Culinary School

Steyn’s Culinary School will leave you feeling like a professional with hands-on teaching experience. Amongst the available courses, you will find a professional chef’s course, a 10-week course, fun cooking, and team building. Fun Cooking is probably your thing if you just want to learn a couple of nifty trick s and tasty dishes. Fun Cooking includes a bunch of different classes on different dates that you can pick from, including things like Italian Cooking, Greek Cooking, Sushi, Food and Wine Pairing, and Bread Baking among other things.

For more information on Steyn’s Culinary School, check out their website, email [email protected], or call 012 362 5340.

Olive Branch Cookery School
Okay, so this is in Joburg, but it might be worth a trip. Olive Branch is run by Margy who qualified as a chef in the UK before she relocated to South Africa. Olive Branch offers a wide variety of courses, and there really is something for everyone. Some of these courses include Childres’ courses, Students en-route to University courses, Housekeepers’ Courses, Food and wine pairings and so much more. Some courses last a couple of hours while others may last for a week or so, but it’s all exciting, and you will learn a lot.

If you would like to know more about the courses at Olive Branch Cookery School, visit their website, email [email protected] or call 082 854 7388.

Address: Free Range Lifestyle centre at Rustic Timber and Garden Centre, 42 Witkoppen Rd, Cnr Kingfisher Avenue, Fourways

Cooking is such an impressive skill in today’s world. Whether you want to impress your friends, a special someone, or knock your family’s socks off with your cooking prowess, you could find some real value in a cooking course. It’s such a fun way to learn a new skill, after all. Do you know of any mouth-watering cooking courses in Pretoria? Let us know in the comments below.