COVID-19: Managing Your Anxiety

We are living in times of uncertainty and with the nation being placed on lockdown, things don’t seem to be getting any better. Although the situation seems bleak and out of control, we can control our anxiety. Here are a few ways to lower your anxiety.

What Can I Control?

Start asking yourself what you can control in this situation, instead of focusing on what you can’t. Focusing on what isn’t in your control causes unnecessary stress and anxiety, and this can make you feel even more helpless and overwhelmed. One of the biggest things you can control in the current situation is to constantly sanitise and wash your hands and to self-isolate, even if you don’t feel sick. Ensure you follow the recommendations of health authorities and that you get enough sleep – sleep not only helps your body de-stress, but it also supports your immune system.

Take Care Of Yourself

It is important to take care of yourself during these times. Practice kindness towards yourself – allow yourself to acknowledge your anxieties and know that it’s normal to feel this way. Other ways to take care of yourself include doing activities you enjoy, being in nature (or even just a few minutes in the sun) and also to maintain your daily routine. A routine helps you have some normalcy and keeps you from spiralling.

Take care of yourself physically as well by ensuring you’re eating enough and eating foods that are nutritious, to build your immunity. Exercise during isolation can be beneficial for both body and mind, as it doesn’t only aid in movement after hours of sitting, but it releases feel-good hormones, lowering anxiety and depression. For those who smoke, it’s advisable not to do so, as it increases your chances of developing complications should you contract the virus.

Be Informed

This might be one that seems counterproductive – isn’t information causing the anxiety? It does, but it happens more so when you obsess over the news and statistics. Also, a big root of information anxiety is caused by social media and fake news. To help with this, limit the amount of times you check websites and social media for updates and also ensure you get news from credible sources. is bringing you the latest COVID-19 information to keep you informed.

Stay Connected

With technology, it’s easy to stay in contact with family and friends, even when you are in isolation. This uncertainty is hard on everyone and speaking to a friend or a loved one does indeed alleviate anxiety. Talk about how you’re keeping busy, face time for virtual dates (or for face-to-face contact), or simply just text. Just be careful to not let the Coronavirus dominate all of your conversations.

Please note, we are not licensed professionals, these are merely tips to lower your anxiety and stress levels – always consult a professional. 

If you need professional help at any time, contact SADAG at 011 234 4837 to schedule a counselling session or call their 24 hour helpline on 0800 456 789.