Craft Beer Breweries In Pretoria

Beer can be subtle, tasty, smooth or positively surprising, and here are a few great venues to investigate its many hues.

If you still haven’t embarked on a journey through the truly diverse world of beer, Pretoria is fortunately one of the best cities in the country to get it done. For too long a poor cousin to the extensive range of wines from across the planet, all of that is changing, as beer is being highlighted as a tipple as diverse as any other.

Friar’s Habit Craft Brewery

An “all-grain craft brewery,” for those who feel strongly that beer should be a grassroots, organic thing among guys that enjoy good ale and great friendship, this is your venue. Friar’s was started by three keen beer drinkers who are on a quest to define some truly world-class brews right here in our backyard. Everyone who has an interest in the real details of craft beer (and some awesome tasting brew) should pop in. Often.

Cockpit Brewhouse

Located in Cullinan, Cockpit Brewhouse is another local gem where craft beer is taken mighty seriously. These guys are on a dedicated mission to ensure their brewhouse produces some memorable beers. With names like Spitfire, Fokker and Black Widow, their elegantly bottled beverages define for many all that is good about craft beers. With the stated mission of producing “craft beer that tastes incredible,” beer drinkers of any hue will find a visit intoxicating in all the right ways!

Drayman’s Brewery & Distillery

Copious intel and a grassroots lineage that has culminated in some great beverages await any visitor to Drayman’s. From literally brewing in a garage in his early days, owner Moritz Kallmeyer has developed a range of beers, whisky and a touch of mampoer into a flagship Pretoria brewery and distillery. Here, you’ll find craft beer that aims to be the very best it can be, a glorious single malt whisky, and a mampoer that will donner anything on two legs.

Hazeldean Brewery Co.

To say that any Pretorian’s journey into investigating craft beers would be incomplete without visiting Hazeldean would be no overstatement. Probably the venue to witness skill in craft, bottling and taste, Hazeldean looks, feels, smells and tastes as a strong craft beer brewery should. With a diverse range of finely crafted beers and the looks and attitude to match, suffice to say that this is one craft brewery you really need to visit. With award winning beers and an ambiance to match, here you’ll be able to take the whole journey into tasty home brews.

Bullcook & Co

Aiming for a professional finish in a crisp, tasty beer, Bullcook is another craft brewery that is not mucking about in their desire to produce great beverages. Emblematic of the often surprising lengths craft brewers go to in order to compete with established brands, Bullcook deserve special mention for their unbridled enthusiasm and great produce. Offering beer tasting tours, mobile bars and even beerbikes (like ice cream vendor bikes, but stocked with beer!), the outfit has three flagship beers all well worth enjoying. The company is making craft beer pop-ups a serious contender for any gathering’s consideration.

Leaky Tap Brewery

The “dream of childhood friends who grew up on the Irene Oval,” Leaky Tap is a collaborative collective of beer nuts in pursuit of the ultimate craft beer. A diversity of interests and influences converge here, and the resulting brew is tasty, fresh and wholly worthwhile. A place to explore broad methodologies or subtle nuances, here both dedicated crafters as well as wholesale beer consumers will find a happy home.