Culture Club: Bar De Tapas

Hazelwood has become a makeshift mission control for foodies right here in the capital city. There are a broad span of spots in this district to choose from, all having the most delectable fare on offer. But, one of the finest locales in the area is undoubtedly the one and only Culture Club. A bar de tapas nestled between Alfie’s Pizzeria and Burger Bistro on 16th Street in the heart of Hazelwood.

This exotic local highlight has the fare and atmosphere that could eclipse any of the high quality informal eateries anywhere in the country. Culture Club identifies as more than just a restaurant with strictly spanish recipes. It prides itself on combining influences from the Mediterranean, Middle-East, Asia and some of the best local flavours to provide an experience of good food and company shared in an idyllic and inviting ambience and style. They encourage the exploration of flavours by ordering a variety of tapas dishes, and sharing the tastes and experiences with everyone at the table.

The sizeable menu consists of a delectable selection of dips, spreads, nibbles, salads, vegetables, mixed plates, share boards and sweets. Highlights include the roasted red pepper & feta dip served with warmed pita bread, the brandy infused chicken liver pate with caramelised onion, the chorizo pesto lollipops, the chimichurri coleslaw and the bobotie arancini balls with chutney & curry aioli. There are also plates featuring the seasonal ceviche, fillet steak melanzane, thai grilled squid and the the always trusty choices like trinchado, chicken livers, skewers and kebabs, or wraps.

The cocktail and drinks menu is as massive as any you have ever seen. Although, the gin and tonic menu is the pride and joy of the house. They have a gargantuan selection of craft and fine quality gins, along with a wide range of tonics, which is always and ever growing.

This eatery is open from Tuesday to Sunday between the hours of 11:00 to 00:00, but closes at 22:00 on Sundays. Visit their social media pages and website for more information on this high-grade food establishment.

by David C. Steyn