Defensive Driving Courses in Pretoria

All South Africans might feel like we’re defensive drivers, when you consider the moronic behaviour of our fellows at times. Real defensive driving, however, is a very specific training regime that can give you a taste of 007 magic. Quite apart from anything gung-ho, defensive driving techniques are also a great commonsense skill to learn.

In a city with let’s say some interesting driving as well as criminal careers, learning how to drive like a CIA agent is a huge confidence-booster! A defensive driving course will up your abilities behind the wheel, making you an all-round better driver. Repair and fuel costs come down with defensive training. So do stress levels, as potentially hazardous situations are instinctively avoided once you’ve developed the mindset.

There are some branded schools (driver training if you own the brand) and a number of other outfits around Pretoria that offer great courses. The industry has become a lot more standardised, with fewer cowboys and more recognized certification. Your insurance premiums can also come down once you’ve completed a course, as most insurers will factor that in.

Adrenalin Specialised Driving

OK, they’re in Midrand, but Adrenalin driving school will teach you all you need to know to be a smart presence on the road. It might seem like a slight benefit, but the enhanced awareness, skill set and confidence that come with a course here are probably the biggest benefits. When you think about it, 99 percent of us never go beyond learning the basics and then accruing experience in a rather set fashion.
An Adrenalin course will give you a whole new appreciation of locomotion. Companies can benefit too, as the stats correlating advanced driving courses with fleet mishap reduction are unambiguous. In a country where hijacking trucks is a national hobby, driver injuries and stock losses are also reduced. There’s plenty of practice and a feeling of wonder at your own abilities by the end of the day. You can do a 2-in1 at Adrenalin Specialised Driving, where you crush both the Advanced and Defensive curriculum in a single course. Forget the Fast and Furious, get ready for some genuine adult learning, and they’ll issue your certificate at the end of the day.

AMG Driving Academy

Yes this might seem like brand snobbery to anyone who doesn’t own a Mercedes, but it’s a lot more than that. Mercedes-AMG cars are the big boys of the Mercedes-Benz stable, and both the legitimate engineering as well as their price tag makes an advanced instruction on the car a logical course of action. The AMG Driving Academy strives to educate Mercedes drivers on the technical capability of their cars, and the subtleties thereof.
Very much geared towards showing Merc owners why they made the right decision, this yard is where you’ll enter the world of Mercedes motoring finesse. With a bit of technical education and lots of “time behind the wheel,” the course is designed to show Merc drivers what they and their cars are capable of. It’s worth noting here that Volkswagen, Audi and BMW and Toyota also have brand-specific courses on offer for their loyal supporters.


Drivio’s Defensive Driving course is geared up for timid drivers and pros alike. Focusing on developing awareness and a toolkit of responses under varying driving conditions, these guys are thorough. Courses can be designed to suit different client needs, but the essentials of defensive and some advanced driving skills come standard in any package. A course at Drivio will cover several modules, consisting of:

Applying K53 driving protocols to defensive situations
Overall driver awareness on the road
Braking in various weather conditions, safe behaviours on the road, reaction times, emergency procedures and more.
Buzz the Hatfield branch for more details.

Gerotek Drivers Ed

Diverse courses are offered by this Pretoria crew. Here, the training is often used as a team-building exercise by businesses who want to generate some camaraderie as well as upskill their driving people.
Drivers Ed allows for every level of participation, and comes with the same intelligent approach to driver awareness and ability as other good offers from this sector. There are defensive, advanced and even “Dynamic,” Skidpan and Anti-hijack” courses on offer, and it’s well worth checking them out, if you’re in the market.

Nosa Logistics

This is a group of Durban and Johannesburg-based driving nuts who will come to a company’s premises to conduct a course. A roaming service and thus a different take on venue-based academies, NOSA Logistics is another commercially-slanted outfit, as they also offer warehouse risk management alongside defensive driver training.
There are special focus areas such as reducing fuel and maintenance costs, handling hazardous goods in transport, as well as improving driver attitudes and understanding on the road. Nosa Logistics runs countrywide, and are adaptable to client needs. Many know the name from the innumerable long-distance and other drivers who undergo anti-hijack training through the company.


Our very own Zwartkops Driver Training Centre (ZDTC) is based at the racetrack, and is a legit Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) company.ZDTC has for years now educated drivers on the finer points of emergency driving of all hues, and courses are regular and affordable.
The company held driver training courses under the auspices of the Automobile Association (AA), and today continues to conduct great training for all comers. Sorry – no (race)cars provided – you have to bring your own! All about awakening you to the possibilities you live with every day yet never employ, a course here will open your mind to a range of possibilities you had only hitherto seen in the movies. Safety and awareness rank high on course, and attendees leave accredited on the day.

The Traffic Guy

Finally, if you’d like a personal touch from an old hand in the game, contact Johann von Bargen, the Traffic Guy. This oom will travel to you and conduct training but, more than that, he’s choc full of advice from years in the trade.

Always google potential training companies, look at what they offer under Courses, and snoop for reviews too. Be satisfied the company offers exactly what you’re after, and go have a load of fun!