Dinner and a Show at Die Blou Hond Teater

Howdy, Pretorians! We are suckers for a good show, aren’t we? We love our music, and we love our culture. And do we have some good news for you! If you haven’t already heard, you can enjoy a lovely dinner, and a show at Die Blou Hond Theatre found at the lovely Casa Toscana Lodge.

Originally based in Joburg, Die Blou Hond Theatre found a beautiful new home in the heart of Pretoria in August 2013. And Pretoria has been a little better off for it. This is a unique and intimate kind of theatre that aims to show all its visitors a good time – let’s take a closer look at Die Blou Hond.

Die Blou Hond Theatre offers guests up-close and personal entertainment – something extraordinary in the capital. Die Blou Hond Theatre can house a total of 180 guests, which keeps things intimate but not too exclusive, allowing for a lovely mix of people to join in on the fun. The artists, along with the resident artist and master of ceremonies, Philip Moolman, do their very best to include the audience by providing an interactive and intimate experience. Die Blou Hond is both restaurants, allowing guests to get comfortable with a meal and a couple of drinks before the show kicks off.

Philip Moolman has been the resident artist at Die Blou Hond for the past decade, and his passion for this theatre shines through in every performance. The theatre places a particular focus on Afrikaans music and culture in Pretoria, as well as hosting our favourite English acts. The theatre has seen the likes of Theuns Jordaan, Jak de Priester, Monark, Dan Patlansky, and Francois Van Coke grace the stage in recent times.

Die Blou Hond

How it goes down

Are you planning on visiting the theatre? We thought you might be, so we want to clue you in on how the average evening goes down at Die Blou Hond. Doors open at 18.30 on the dot, so guests usually start arriving at 18.00. Don’t fret about pitching up a bit early, as you will be treated to some welcome drinks and snacks before dinner starts. Dinner is presented as a yummy full buffet, with dessert platters and delicious filter coffee for after – this is usually served between 18.30 and 19.30. The charismatic Master of Ceremonies, Philip Moolman, will then lead you and your friends into an entertainment-filled evening. The main show for each evening usually starts at about 20.30, so stay seated folks!

Some upcoming entertainment to look forward to

As Pretorians, it is essential that we support our local artists and cultural scene. Die Blou Hond Theatre is doing its part in helping our local South African artists and musicians, so let’s support them by having a lovely dinner with them and keeping an entertained eye turned to the stage. Drop by Die Blou Hond soon to be part of a fantastic show. If you have been to Die Blou Hond before, let us know about your experience and what made it special.

 By Tilana de Wachter