Viva Township Art Festival Mamelodi

The annual Viva Township Art Festival and Viva’s Got Talent event takes place on Youth Day 16 June 18 at the Viva Village.

Viva Township Art Festival Mamelodi

Inviting artists to come and help transform the Informal Settlement into a Living Art Gallery, by painting shacks and structures. Graffiti, street art, fine art, cartooning and all other bona fide artists are welcome to join join in with crews and friends. The Festival is wonderful opportunity to enjoy the unique township vibe of the Alaska Informal Settlement, Mamelodi East. Also, if you are a dancer, singer, poet, actor, round up a few friends, put on your best show and compete for the cash prizes offered in the Viva’s Got Talent show.

When Is It?

Saturday, 16 June 2018 at 09:00 – 16:00.

Where Is It?

The Viva Foundation of South Africa, Viva Village, Moshumi Street, Mamelodi, Pretoria, 0122.

How Much Is It?

Entrance is free.

For More Information

For more information visit their Facebook page.

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