Weeaboo SA Single Speed Champs at The Big Red Barn

Unleash your inner Weeaboo at this awesome bike ride and beer event! Bring a team along for a day of fun, fandom and tons of beer to keep you going through it all. 


What Is It?

Weeaboo is a sometimes derogatory term for Westerners who believe that Japanese Culture is superior to others and who are obsessed with Japanese culture, especially anime.  However, many anime fans have embraced the term, taking pride in their devotion to the culture. So, come and embrace your inner Weeaboo at the Weeaboo SA Single Speed Champs 2019 event. Hosted at the Big Red Barn in Irene, this is going to be one epic celebration of all things anime, bikes and beer!

If you don’t own a single speed bicycle, no worries. You can enjoy all the action from the sidelines. Or, tape your gears together and risk falling on your face. Either way, this is sure to be an epic adventure. Enjoy a thrilling ride through Red Barn’s woods with your team. Come dressed as your favourite anime characters and pitch a tent in the woods for an overnight sleepover. Just keep an eye out for the wandering Sasquatch!

There will be ample beer to keep you hydrated and a little silly, too. Plus, you can enjoy live performances from Awake to Ashes, Jahworx and THE MEAN STREETS. So, get your tickets now before the rest of the Weeaboos snatch them all up!

When Is It?

Saturday, 12 October 2019 at 09:00 – 17:00.

Where Is It?

The Big Red Barn, 7 Nelson Rd, Sunlawns AH, Irene, Centurion, Gauteng.

How Much Is It?

Entry costs R567.89 per person. Reserve your tickets here.

For more information

Visit their website for more information, or follow them on Facebook.

Contact them on: 082 745 4582 | [email protected]

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