Drink The World At Capital Craft

Within the boundaries of this cherished city of ours, we have the world’s brew right at our feet. This is all due to four local guys sharing their vision of craft beer being more than simply just a refreshing beverage. Clearly, it is also more than just a bar or restaurant.

A handful of years ago these founders from the 012 started what has become an institution of beer, food, and good times. Capital Craft has since expanded into two stalwart beer and food branches, and a monumental annual beer and music festival.

Capital Craft Beer Academy opened its first location in Menlo Park several years ago. According to their stated vision, they wanted to promote the South African craft brewing industry, and establish and sustain an accessible outlet for these professional brewers. Their success as purveyors of fine pints and delectable fare quickly started an annual beer and music festival in Pretoria which showcases both the best brews and local musical talent on offer. A second location in Centurion followed soon after.

Their behemoth of a menu features beer, on tap and bottled, from all over the world, and the best in craft brew from our own sunny southern shores. English, weiss, bock, pilsner, trappist, IPA, stout, and non-alcoholic. You name it, it’s here. And, in all shapes, flavours, and sizes. The selection also includes a huge diveristy of whiskey, gin, ciders, mixer cocktails, and wine. The food section comprises of a well-rounded variety of brunch, light meals & snacks, platters, sandwiches, burgers, and ribs. Some of the highlights on the menu are the Mamelodi Half-Loaf (bunny chow), the Pretzel Breakfast (cream cheese, bacon & eggs), the Blue Marrow Burger (blue cheese and bone marrow), the Brisket Bomb sandwich, the Van Coke Smoke burger (smoked bacon and smoked mozzarella), and either the five-hundred gram Tomahawk steak or the Pork Wing (eisbein). They also present a comfortable variety of desserts including gourmet waffles, a peanut butter & banana split, and ice cream coffee. Nobody goes thirsty, and certainly not hungry.

Capital Craft also presents a loaded calendar of special events like tastings of either wine, whiskey, or beer; the usual bottomless ribs and beer night; and burger Wednesdays, where the hungry get two gourmet burger meals at a decent rate. Capital Craft prides itself on their mobile bar service for all events and functions. They supply a professionally manned and stocked bar, and even though craft beer is their area of expertise, they are able to provide commercial beers, soft drinks, and hard liquor.

This house that beer built is certainly where the capital city can go to drink the world, and eat a little bit of it too. As long as Tshwane stays thirsty; caring about what they throw down their throats, and wash down delicious food with, Capital Craft will be part of our periphery.

by David C. Steyn