Explore Hazelwood

We love Pretoria. We have a website dedicated to the place, after all. But living in a place where most things seem to happen indoors can become a bit tedious. So, if you don’t yet know, we want to share a secret to an excellent outdoor, street-cafe dining experience.

Hazelwood has put the oomph back into ‘going out to eat’.  Come along as we explore these heavenly blocks in the heart of Pretoria.

The Village

During the day, it’s a lovely place to go for a stroll while you decide on where you would like to dine. And come nighttime, The Village turns into a fairy light-filled wonderland, making that stroll even more enjoyable. It’s great to have a spot in the suburbs where you can wander around and enjoy the crisp air. You’ll see all sorts of characters roaming about while you’re there – couples, families, kids and groups of friends.

Burger Bistro

When hunger strikes and you crave a juicy burger that isn’t wrapped in paper, Burger Bistro is a pretty solid joint. They are famous for their enormous, mouthwatering burgers and the fame is well-deserved. And the folks at Burger Bistro are keenly aware that a burger isn’t just a burger without a delicious milkshake. Their shakes are downright delicious – and ordering them has turned into a bit of a quirky, old-school game – fun and nostalgic. The vibe is incredible too, by the way. When you grab a seat at Burger Bistro, you get to order your fare from a retro record case – how cool is that?

Culture Club – Bar de Tapas

There’s something kind of special about sharing food when you go out to eat. Culture Club is keenly aware of this fact, and they know how to turn sharing food into a fantastic dining adventure. You can have a splendid time partaking in their delicious tapas and drinks while out with friends, family or colleagues, whilst enjoying the hip, open-air atmosphere. This joint is insanely popular, so be sure to book a table in advance lest you be disappointed.

Chocolate et Cafe

Hidden slightly behind Culture Club and Alfie’s lies a beautiful little cafe called Chocolat et Cafe. The name is quite apt too – in this quaint little cafe, you will find delicious luxury chocolate along with tasty cafe-style fare. You can choose from a selection of interesting meals, coffees and even ice-cream sandwiches. It’s a pretty small place, but it packs a tasty punch!

Alfie’s Pizzeria and Deli

We love Pizza. We love Hazelwood. We love a good street cafe vibe. Alfie’s offers this and so much more. The pizza is out of this world. And so is the rest of the menu, really – whether you try the calamari or the steak, you’re in for a taste sensation. Check out our Alfie’s Pizzeria and Deli Review for a closer look.


Salt is a top-notch European-style eatery smack-dab in the middle of Hazelwood. The menu is simply superb. From fabulous lamb burgers, watermelon-glazed sirloin and fluffy steamed Chinese buns to building yourself a superb tasting plate from their Chalkboard Selection, you’re bound to leave Salt feeling satisfied. The inside seating offers a modern, but rustic atmosphere and the outside seating provides a lovely open-air street dining experience.

Taste of Greece

Taste of Greece is exactly what the name would have you believe – this place offers you a flavoursome taste of Greek cuisine. So if you have a hankering for some tasty pitas, shawarmas or a platter of Halloumi, Dolmades and Keftedes (or whatever you would choose), don’t hesitate to drop by for a Taste of Greece.


Smaak is a fun little cafe in the heart of Hazelwood that serves up flavourful Mediterranean-style grub and a good time. Choose a table here, and you will be treated to tasty choices that include tostada, pitas and ciabatta, among other items. Don’t hesitate to bite into an ice-cream sandwich for dessert.

Spout Coffee Company

You could say that caffeine has more or less become the lifeblood of many a Pretorian. If you are looking for a funky place to grab a great cup of coffee, Spout is the spot. This joint consists of a couple of shipping containers that have been revamped into a haven for smooth coffee and tasty treats (both sweet and savoury). Though seating is limited, don’t miss a chance to pop in for a taste.

Oze Cafe & Bistro

You’ll find a unique sort of comfort and tasty Portuguese-style cuisine at Oze, with a laid-back atmosphere and welcoming staff. You can grab a seat upstairs and admire the view, or huddle up downstairs for a cosier time. They cook a mean steak, the prawns are excellent and their sandwiches are plenty tasty. Whilst the menu isn’t super extensive, they have more than enough options to keep diners satisfied.


If you think in pictures like us, the term ‘cowfish’ may bring up some strange images in your mind’s eye. But putting the images of a strange cow with gills and fins aside, Cowfish is a splendid place for a meal – especially if you fancy cow and fish (though those are not the only things on the menu). They infused their menu with a slight Asian flare, so you can expect quite the taste sensation when you sit down to dine at Cowfish. The sushi is out-of-this-world, the dim sum is delicious, the burgers are awesome and the steak is cooked just right. Be sure to try the salmon tacos or the ribs. You won’t be disappointed.

23 on Hazelwood

On the fringe of Hazelwood, you’ll stumble upon 23 on Hazelwood – a place loved by many for its superb coffee, freshly baked pastries and delicious food. Check out our 7 Reasons to Love 23 On Hazelwood for the inside scoop.

Just around the corner

Although it would seem that ‘Hazelwood’ has become synonymous with ‘The Village’, there are other cool places nestled right around the corner that make an important part of the Hazelwood scene. The Club is an open-air mini shopping complex filled with fairy lights and fantastic eateries.

Life Grand Cafe

This spot is great for a relaxed meal with an upmarket feel. The menu is home to a variety of options, ranging from delicious breakfasts, poke bowls, mouthwatering steaks (try the Biltong and Brie Steak), sushi, pasta, pizzas and so much more. It’s a superb place to slow down and enjoy the moment. Try one of the freshly pressed juices, specialty coffees or desserts if you’re looking for a treat.


Pachas is renowned in Pretoria for their excellent service and fabulous food. They offer an upmarket dining experience that you won’t soon forget. It’s a favourite among Pretorians for date nights and other special occasions. And if you would like some privacy for your party, you can book a private room for the event. Whether you opt for meat, fish or veggies, you won’t be disappointed in the tantalising food served at Pachas.

Harissa Bistro

If you feel like leaving the house but aren’t quite sure where to go, give Harissa Bistro a try. You’re in for a treat no matter what time of day you drop by – they slay at breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you are a lover of fresh juices, you are bound to find happiness here. The food menu also won’t leave you starved for choice or quality. The menu is filled with tasty meal options that maintain a unique South-African feel.

Hinterland Vleishandelaar

Meat-lovers rejoice! Hinterland Vleishandelaar is here to make your meaty dreams come true. If you’ve been looking for a joint that serves up some killer steaks and other mouthwatering meaty dishes, you have found it. Hinterland serves up a mean plate of food that will sate your appetite. Don’t hesitate to drop by if you are looking for your protein fix.


If you are looking for a fantastic place to have a chilled time out with your crew, you should give Hudsons a try. They are well-known for the laid-back vibe, scrumptious food and a killer happy hour that gives you two hours of half-priced beer, cocktails and entrees. If you drop by, you should definitely try their sliders and their nachos.


Hogshead provides diners with a combined restaurant-pub feel. The vibe is quite groovy, and the service is great. Drop by and grab a burger, have a steak or share classic pub snacks across the table. They also serve up some traditional pub grub that will leave your belly contented. It’s an excellent spot to enjoy Pretoria’s bumping nightlife too. It sounds like it’s time to round up your friends and head out for a night on the town.

Finally, it seems Pretoria is drifting away from life inside a mall and getting in on the buzzing outdoor suburb action. That’s at least one thing we’ll happily pick up from our neighbours in Jozi. We hope you have a lovely time if you go adventuring in Hazelwood. Don’t be shy – please tell us about your experiences in Hazelwood and why you love it.

By Tilana De Wachter