Getting Buff With CrossFit Tshwane

Attack the fat with an intense, all-body workout at CrossFit Tshwane. Come with us as we sweat our way through the workouts that make up a real crossfit fitness blast.

Reading the general sentiment of “meh!” towards shaking off winter funk and flab for spring, Crossfit Tshwane has come alive to blast away the cobwebs. Rick and Jason Smith are the original CrossFit Kyalami owners, and they’ve joined with Moove to open the doors on CrossFit Tshwane. An in-your-face challenge to get your blood flowing and make some gains, the venture harks back to a bygone era, although the facilities are hi-tech and spiffy in the extreme.

Reminiscent of the days when gyms were run by people who were as active and sporting as you are – usually much more so – the Smith brothers’ ethos and approach to fitness training is genuine. Jason, particularly, is moderately astounding with his achievements in the greater CrossFit community. He placed 7th in the Meridian Regional Championships in 2018, having placed 2nd in the Greek Throwdown in 2017. A 10th place finale at the International CrossFit Games in the same year just shows that these guys are not mucking around.

CrossFit Tshwane

CrossFit Tshwane On The Inside

Welcoming and superbly equipped, CrossFit Tshwane runs out of Silverton, and there are three other branches around Gauteng. It’s not easy to describe all of what you can partake in at CrossFit Tshwane, but let’s just say the list starts with boxing and ends with yoga. In between, you’ll find every conceivable fitness class pursuit, including some combination boxing-cardio style classes, dance, circuit and killer ab routines. Emblematic of the modern international gym, CrossFit Tshwane has all the right nuances to their training. If it’s ever going to happen, it’s going to happen here.

While it’s fair to say what you get out of gym depends on how motivated you are to show up and perform, some venues are nonetheless more vibey and encouraging than others. If that’s the sense of participation and enjoyably competitive performance you need, feel free to mail a cheque to our offices, because we have some valuable intel for you. CrossFit Tshwane is just such a place.  

Catering for the CrossFit ethos, the venue is spacious, professionally and stylishly equipped. Here there is no shortage of top gear and exercise space. With a sprint track, superbly kitted-out weightlifting area and a growing reputation for hosting some of the best fitness classes to be had in Gauteng, the venue also somehow manages to be hugely popular but always with enough room. No queuing behind two oblivious okes at the benchpress here. With just the right attitude of being serious about fitness while still having fun, the best part is still to come.

CrossFit Tshwane

The Best Fit, Is CrossFit

Ok, most of us here would pay the membership just to gym in such a hi-tech space. Sort of like if Aquaman had a gym. In Atlantis. With lots of glass. And studio lighting. It’s really, really nice inside. But beyond posers like us, here’s the good news, for all of the amazing training and facilities on offer, a 12-month membership will only set you back R380 a month, possibly less. The venue is also affiliated with the Discovery Vitality and Momentum Multiply Active Dayz reward programmes. 

More good news, especially for office doughnuts like us, it’s not a snobbishly elite “athletes only” kind of venue either. They really are on a mission to get everyone up and moving, and that includes everyone’s current level of fitness. With trainers and motivation abound, you’re going to start feeling chuffed after a short time working out here. The company speaks of “an amazing community of like-minded people” attending gym in Silverton. Of course mos… it’s a snapshot of Pretoria’s eclectic mix of all, and honestly geselig.

CrossFit Tshwane