Grow Your Business With Insight From Yoco Small Business Pulse

Have you noticed that there's little to no information, insight or stats regarding South Africa's small business landscape? Well, that is until now. Cue, Yoco Small Business Pulse!

The Yoco Small Business Pulse Keeps You Informed

The success of our economy lies in the hands of small businesses. Why, you may ask? Well, there are three main reasons for this:

  1. they already constitute a disproportionate number of formalised businesses
  2. they contribute about one-third of GDP
  3. and provide employment to millions of South Africans

Despite their importance in our economy, there’s minimal information available about the state of the small business scene in South Africa.

This is where Yoco Small Business Pulse steps in! They hope to provide an insightful and informative overview of the state of the small business landscape in South Africa on a quarterly basis. The aim of this overview is to help small business owners grow their businesses through access to useful information.

The Pulse was made possible by the awesome businesses in the Yoco small business community. Thanks to them, Yoco is able to share valuable insights with other small businesses across South Africa – the ones that have been under-represented in these surveys. Until now.

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Did You Know? 

Here are a few facts from the latest Yoco Small Business Pulse issue:

  • Compared to the overall Pulse score, Gauteng is slightly more negative about the state of small business in South Africa – Gauteng had a Pulse score of 26, while the overall Pulse score sat at 27.
  • 65% of businesses based in Gauteng have invested in some way in order to mitigate the effects of load shedding by installing a generator, switching to gas, using battery operated equipment, etc. This is 18% more than the overall number for small businesses across South Africa. Showing that Gauteng is more responsive to the negative effects of loadshedding.
  • This is further shown in the amount of revenue lost due to load shedding. 38% of businesses in Gauteng have lost more than 20% revenue due to load shedding, compared to the overall number of 40% for businesses across South Africa who have lost more that 20% revenue.

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