Hanging Out At Harrie’s Pancakes

Come take a syrupy trip with us to Harrie's Pancakes where we flip the lid on the best pancake hangout in Pretoria.

If you’re tired of defining “pancakes” as those sad things you usually avoid at McDonald’s, take heart! Yummy pancakes are not just available in this country, they’re readily available in this city, as well as further afield too. Cullinan, Delmas and Graskop are all great pancake towns, as the good people of Harrie’s Pancakes are carrying the banner of truly delicious sweet or savoury pancakes far and wide. Harrie’s is great fare at a good price, with tastes to suit everyone.

Harrie’s Pancake

Be warned, this writer actually ate at Harrie’s in Graskop some years back, en het lekker my bek verby gepraat hoor. Big, buff, strong men? Don’t be disappointed when one or two pancakes arrive… eat first, then see if you’re still hungry. The waitress at the time listened patiently to good-natured mockery of how two pancakes might be OK for kiddies, but real men probably need at least six of the things to fill up. “Finish two mince pancakes and, if you do, I’ll give you another six on the house,” she said. “I’ve seen big men humbled before,” she added.

Toe sien ek eers my holletjie because – you guessed it – two proved to be enormously filling to the point where one can’t take another bite. Dik geëet is the only valid term after eating pancakes at Harrie’s. If you tend to think of pancakes as mere “snacks,” Harrie’s will completely change your mind.

Pancakes, Pancakes Every Day

Trading on a recipe of great pancakes with just the right fillings and toppings, good service and ample seating – often on a lovely outdoor deck – Harrie’s epitomises what the Japanese are so good at – surpetition. A term coined by Edward de Bono, it means picking a thing, getting really good at it, and then just getting better and better, refining your art. In surpetition, you don’t worry about the opposition, you compete against yourself, trying constantly to improve the product or service offering.

Harrie’s Pancake
Harrie’s thing is pancakes, they’re moerse lekker, and the company has just gone from strength to strength over the years because of a fundamentally great offer they somehow seem to keep improving. You’ll find some contrary opinions online by people who don’t like the whole batter thing, but they’re one in a thousand – most humans who like yummy food will be pleased and satisfied by Harrie’s.

With the original Harrie’s Pancakes kicking off in Graskop in 1986, their reach has spread to the point where Jacaranda City has its very own outlet. Always moved by artistic expression, Harrie went a step further in 2005 when he initiated MAP SA (Modern Art Projects SA), a platform for developing and avant-garde South African artists.

Harrie’s Pancake

Serving “delectable savoury and sweet pancakes… for over thirty years,” there are more items on the menu that might interest those with a sweet tooth. Two items jump right out at you immediately – bananas in caramel sauce and black cherries in liqueur. OK, we lied – several items jump off the menu begging to be sampled. Featured on their website too, the milk tart custard with ice cream should actually be illegal, while their dark chocolate mousse will make you feel like you’re polishing off a fine dining meal somewhere in old Belgium. Really – the latter is not to be missed by mousse fans – you heard it here first!