How To Socialise While Still Practicing Social Distancing

Here are a few "get-together" ideas to keep you connected and socialising with your friends and family while practicing social distancing during the lockdown.

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Thanks to smart phones, the internet and a selection of cool apps and websites, we can “get together” online, socialise and have a little fun! We have found a few cool ways for you to “hangout” with your friends and family, without having to step foot out of your home. From cooking together to gossiping and testing your trivia knowledge, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Enjoy A Night In

When was the last time you went out with your friends and had a good time socialising? Can’t remember? Yes, the lockdown has definitely been that long! Well, why not grab a mocktail (here are a few recipes for you to try out), dial up your friends or family members via WhatsApp video chat, Zoom, Skype or Google Hangout, and just have a great catch up session while staying in and remaining safe in the comfort of your own home? This is a great way to check up on everyone, see if they’re coping during this lockdown and are still all well and healthy, and just to get the latest scoop on everything that’s happening in their lives. During this time, we need to be more connected than ever.

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Netflix Watch Party

Is there a show that you and your loved ones enjoy watching and discussing after every episode? Why not watch your favourite series together on Netflix? There’s also plenty of new shows for you to check out once you have rewatched all of your go-to series. There’s definitely something for all tastes.

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How About A Quiz Night?

For a little bit of fun during the lockdown and to broaden your general knowledge, why not plan an exciting virtual quiz night? Set a certain day/evening during the week to host a quiz night, alternate the role of who will be the quiz master for the event and have a blast. You can even make things extra competitive and interesting by keeping a tally of everyone’s scores, then arrange a prize for the overall winner once lockdown has been lifted. Need some help in hosting a quiz night? Visit and learn how to do a quiz night via Zoom.

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Host A Virtual Dinner Party

Getting together and enjoy a lovely meal is a thing of the past. Well, until the situation gets better, that is. And until then, why not enjoy a dinner party online with your loved one? Just like the quiz nights and girls’/boys’ night in, you can make a video call on one of the various apps available and enjoy a meal together while socialising – talking about your day or week and what you have been getting up to during lockdown.

But, be sure to go all out with some table décor, placemats, candles, cutlery, the works. Once everyone is together online, you can share what you have prepared for dinner and even share the recipes. We’ve got a lot of recipes for you to try, including DIY bread recipes and Friday night homemade takeout recipes.

Workout Together

Why not use this time to get into shape? Grab a virtual gym buddy, find a cool workout routine on YouTube or download a fitness app you can both use, set up a video call and break a sweat together! Workouts are much more entertaining when you have someone doing them with you. Looking for a few workout suggestions? Take a look at our selection of YouTube exercise regimes here.

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Learn A New Skill Or Start A New Hobby

Since we can’t enjoy social get-togethers, surely it’s getting boring staying cooped up at home all day long? Why not gather a few friends and family members to learn a new skill online? The internet has given us an abundance of things to try and learn! And we have plenty of suggestions and ideas that we think you may enjoy. Want to learn how to cook new, healthy and oh-so delicious recipes? Try Vitality HealthyFood Studio Live Chef! How about getting some new books delivered via UberEats and hosting a digital book club? Or, why not let your creativity run wild while exploring the world of art with these online art classes perfect for all ages?

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How have you been socialising and “hanging out” with your family and friends during the lockdown? Let us know in the comments below!

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