How To Support SMMEs During The National Lockdown

Our economy is taking a hard knock as the COVID-19 outbreak continues, not just the big corporations, but also the smaller local stores that we’ve come to know and love. There are various ways you can help and keep our local and beloved SMMEs afloat during this pandemic.

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Shop At Their Online Stores

Many SMMEs have decided to moved their physical stores to e-commerce in order to keep cash flow coming into their company. Due to the restrictions in place at the moment, all we can do is buy now and have our products delivered later. This might not be ideal, but it does help our local businesses keep busy during the lockdown and assist in keeping their doors open. Shop at their online store to show your support during this difficult time. How about purchasing an experience and enjoying it later? Here are a few suggestions that aren’t only fun, but will support local SMMEs.

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Buy Gift Cards

Along with supporting our SMMEs online stores, why not spoil your loved ones with a gift card from a few of these brands to use when they need? Not only does this give your friends and family the freedom of choice regarding what they would like to purchase, but it’ll also share the love and bring business to the local brands that need assistance during the lockdown.

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Support Small Essential Services

If anyone has ordered a restock of supplies from various large enterprises for delivery lately, you’ll know the struggle. Long waits – some periods up to two weeks – for your groceries to arrive at your door. It can be a nightmare. So, why not consider looking into getting your fresh produce delivered from smaller food providers? There are plenty SMMEs that are getting creative in order to keep their doors open. Click here to view a few fresh produce delivery options from Netflorist.

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Get Social

Many local SMMEs are upping the ante and offering live stream events, classes, chats and more on their social media platforms in order to continue engaging with their supporters and keep their business alive. So, why not spend a few minutes of your day joining these scheduled events and contributing to the conversation? Even better, share these events and live streams with your loved ones to raise awareness. You can even write the brand a lovely review to let other potential customers know about your experience with your favourite SMMEs. There’s no better exposure than word of mouth.

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Don’t Cancel, Postpone

Have appointments set up during the lockdown period? Or reservations and tickets to events that have been postponed to further notice? Rather postpone these plans than cancel completely. These SMMEs and brands need your support and contributions now more than ever. Keep in touch with event organisers on their various platforms to see when they have rescheduled their events and what solutions they have offered if you have purchased tickets. Instead of asking for a refund for already-bought tickets, why not donate your ticket funds to help the organisers pay their staff?

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Give A Little Extra

Those guys who deliver your essential goodies right to your door? Why not give them a nice tip to show your appreciation during this lockdown? Also, why not pay it forward to those who need it most? Visit #SaySiyabonga to buy discount vouchers supporting local shops and service providers. Order your groceries through OneCart and donate just 85c at checkout to feed someone in need. Or help Doppio Zero give back to the community through their Soup Kitchen Initiative. There are many initiatives and organisations that need your help, and even a little bit goes a long way. Click here to see where you can help.

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