Ice Cream Parlours In Pretoria

For the dedicated ice cream fanatic, winter poses no issues. We just keep slurping away. Now that spring is approaching, however, everyone can look forward to sampling some yummy ice cream.

You’d be forgiven for thinking of Pretoria as the ice cream capital of the country, as a huge number of dedicated ice cream parlours dot the city and surrounds. Every mall seems to have a frozen yoghurt or ice cream shop, but beyond that lie a host of niche outlets, too, that have made ice cream their mainstay.

Royal Danish Ice Cream

Let’s start posh, and here you’ll see what makes the Danes great, besides really tall, slobbering dogs. Actually, Great Danes are a German breed, but you get the point – the ice cream here is delish! A wide range of flavours that includes Mocha Almond Fudge and Salted Caramel Popcorn populates the Royal Danish menu and, if you stay around Colbyn, well, you lucky fish you.

Ice cream cakes and take-home tubs are also available. Labeled as “addictive” by many patrons, you’ve been warned.

Gatti Ice Cream Factory Shop

A national chain dedicated to keeping SA cool, Gatti Ice Cream has a shop in Struben Street, as well as a factory depot in Pretoria West. More geared for stocking up on yummy than a sit-and-slurp venue, the ice cream on offer is good and varied and well worth taking home for the kids.

House Of Ice Cream

Uh, ja, it’s actually a wonder that the walls aren’t made of ice cream, as this really is a “house” of all things ice cream. Here they specialise in mixing and matching ice cream flavours and renditions, as well as frozen yoghurt in all its forms. The House has a party theme ice cream cake option list as long as your arm. Geared up for entrenching ice cream as a kids party favourite for the next century, remarkably slick ice cream cakes, suckers, scoops and tubs flow from their fridges.

Aroma Gelato

Along Lynnwood Road in Brooklyn, you’ll find Aroma Gelato. While it’s possible for a journo to run out of adjectives trying to depict every Pretoria ice cream venue, let’s just say that Aroma is really worth a visit. A self-described “gelato and waffle lounge,” they have a huge variety of cones and scoops of gelato and sorbet. They also do outrageously good milkshakes and ice cream cakes too.


Hanging around Sunnyside? Lus for a simple walk-in ice cream venue where the balance of charm and flavours and cone size all come together as you want it? Scoops could become your ideal venue then… Keeping things fairly simple while they concentrate on delicious ice cream, Scoops seldom disappoints. If you’ve been there once, it’s mighty likely you’ll find yourself back again really soon.


An opregte Pretoria venue, owner, Karien has allowed her London chef’s passion to become her obsession, bless her. Buying herself an ice cream on off days was a treat in the UK and upon her return, Karien realised that quality ice cream wasn’t as copiously available in SA as it was overseas. Like a good trooper, she set about fixing that, and WhiskAway is the end result.

Here, certified ice cream nuts need fear no reprisals, as the entire effort is a huge celebration of fresh, naturally made ice cream and sorbet, served up with flair. A great talent to have in your corner for your next bash, WhiskAway will supply all frozen dessert options to make any gathering a memorable success. Whether it’s a walk-in taste or full blown catering you’re after, bel daai dame because, jislaaik, this is genuine, homemade ice cream at its best.