Die Werf Review

August 22, 2017

City meets rustic charm at Die Werf in Olympus, Pretoria East. Nestled in a lush forest-like setting, the city noises will fade away into a relaxed atmosphere for you to enjoy. Various seating options to choose from ranging from an inside dining room, to an open or closed deck area and private downstairs cellar setting. With the motto that you will feel as comfortable as if you were at your granny’s house, they aim to give you a truly South African dining experience. Dishes include bobotie, tripe, lamb stew, frikkadels and Malva pudding. Following their motto, they have now designed a new dining experience – recreating a home-like setting where the dishes are presented on your table in antique pots and you dish for yourself. Contact the restaurant to book a traditional “home-cooked” meal.