Love Bitez Review

August 22, 2017

Walking into Love Bitez, you might feel like you have mistakenly bumped into a giant cupcake’s icing. The interior is an array of bright colours – pink, orange, red, yellow all bursting out to greet you. Yet the colourful collection is grounded with a pristine white backdrop. This is the perfect little café to take your mom to for a girly treat! All bakery delicacies are freshly prepared on-site daily. Browsing the counter you will find rusks, twirley suckers, caramel syringes, jam cookies and other traditional eats. For something a little more filling with your sit-down cappuccino, choose one of the daily selection of quiches or just to spoil yourself a slice of cake or a cupcake. With the soothing background music in your ears and the delectable treats, you will walk away feeling refreshed.