Moroccan House Review

August 22, 2017

Driving past the high walls of the Moroccan House, you would be oblivious of the hidden world behind them. Built in the typical earthy style of Morocco, every little detail portrays the rich culture of this North African kingdom. Step into the local souq (market) and browse through the colourful tapestry of authentic Moroccan products. Joehan and Louise Erasmus are the masterminds behind this Moroccan hub. After a memorable trip to this fascinating country, they started the process of importing crafts. The downstairs area is just an enticement for the vast product range upstairs. Ascend the stairs, have a good browsing session, and afterwards continue upwards one more level to La Terrasse. This rooftop café captures the essence of a Moroccan house’s entertainment area. In the Moroccan culture the highest form of honour, is to be invited into someone’s home for a meal.