Mozambik Advertorial

August 22, 2017

The Spirit.. The Sound.. The Taste.. The Life.. this is the motto that the Mozambik restaurant lives by. It’s not every day that you get to escape from Pretoria without even going outside of Pretoria! You will feel the relaxed Mozambique vibe seep into your soul the minute you walk through the door. Using the concept of the Mozambique barraca, which means ‘hut’, the restaurant captures the lifestyle of this little country with its outstretched white beaches and chilled atmosphere. Sticking to the belief that there is wisdom in simplicity, your dining experience will be down to earth, but with high quality food and service. Settle in under the wooden slate hut roof, order the speciality Tipo Tinto R&R drink, sit back and relax while you enjoy some authentic Mozambique cuisine.