The Blades Review

August 22, 2017

Celebrating Father’s Day in true bushveld style is easy at The Blades – with its outside deck overlooking a serene stretch of river, engulfed in a tree-filled setting. Elegance meets simplicity through a combination of crisp white table settings, wooden decks and beautiful stone structure. Your dining options include sitting at the top deck, with a nice vantage point, or the lower deck with its outstretched couch area closer to the water edge; alternatively if the weather does not permit outside dining an indoor seating area is also available with a typical bushveld lodge feel. Picnics can also be booked on the manicured lawn next to the river edge. Strange how the city noise can fade away so easily to give you a moment of tranquillity. Definitely worth the trip if you like combining the outdoors with fine dining!