Villa San Giovanni Review

August 22, 2017

Tucked away in an unusual spot, Villa San Giovanni will transport you into a hidden world of fine dining. And with its surprising combination of formal dining on one side and informal feasting on the other, you can choose your mood for the evening. This family enterprise boasts with a consistent dining record of 30 years under the same management. Something not many restaurants can say! It flows out of one man’s dedication and passion. Giovanni Maiorana relocated from Italy to our country with his family in 1981 and after starting a humble job at the Wonderboom airport café he soon worked his way up to become the owner of this prestigious restaurant. A true rags to riches story! The restaurant’s journey is captured in many pictures adorning the walls and menu. Boasting with all the great classic Italian meals and home-made ingredients, you will lick off your fingers after every course. But if pasta is not your main appeal, choose from their wide selection of other meals – including grills, lamb, chicken, veal and seafood. You will walk away feeling revitalised after an evening of superb dining in a stylish environment.