It’s Okay To Be Unproductive Under Lockdown – Here’s Why

With everyone taking on fitness challenges, baking up a storm and juggling work and home chores all at once, you may feel like you aren’t performing well enough under lockdown. But, it’s important to keep things in perspective and to show yourself compassion during this difficult time. Here’s why it’s perfectly alright to be unproductive over the coming weeks.


We’re Facing A Global Crisis

The United Nations declared that humanity has not faced as grave a situation as COVID-19 since WWII. Take a moment to think about that. These are extraordinary times and it is not always going to be easy to lift yourself up and be as productive as you normally would be. For most people, staying locked indoors for an extended period can have serious effects on their mental and physical well being. With the added barrage of seemingly bad news constantly coming your way, life cannot carry on as normal. If you do not feel the urge to bake ten loaves of banana bread a day or spring clean your entire home, that’s alright. If all you do is get yourself through the next few weeks, you’ll be just as worthy as anyone else to tell your grandchildren about that time you lived through a global pandemic.

Not Everything Is An Opportunity To Turn Your Life Around 

While it is wonderful to see so many people taking on challenges during lockdown and learning new skills, it does not have to be a life-altering experience for all. If you are content with passing your days by binge watching series and eating two-minute noodles, that’s okay. Learning a new language or how to paint like Michelangelo during this period may not be the best idea anyway. Your mind is probably pre-occupied with a thousand different worries a day and may not be able to take on mass amounts of new information. Parents and those working from home may also find it difficult to make time for new hobbies. There is nothing wrong with this. Tackle your everyday tasks and responsibilities, leaving your reserve energy to practice self-care and keep up good hygiene. 


Social Media Skews The Truth

Another reason you may be feeling wholly unproductive is because of social media. As always, it is vital to remember that people mostly post pictures or stories that show them in their best light. Social media is only a small window into other people’s experience of the lockdown and should not be used as a mirror to compare yourself to others. Take regular breaks from social media if you are starting to feel inadequate or as if you are failing somehow. You may even consider deleting your accounts until lockdown has ended. There is also no measure of productivity that applies to every person. You know your limits and how much you want to achieve, so don’t equate your successes to those of others. Celebrate even the smallest triumphs over this time and show yourself tons of love.

Spend Time With Family

For those of us lucky enough to be under lockdown with family, this is an excellent opportunity to reconnect with our loved ones. Not sure where to start? Set up a family game night or read a few books to the kiddies before bed. Taking care of yourself and your family can be just as rewarding as reorganising your wardrobe or any other DIY project. Parents may also want to spend time under lockdown teaching their children life skills and lessons that they may not learn in the classroom.

For those separated from family during this time, it is pivotal to reach out each day. Stay connected with friends too, as loneliness and depression can easily set in when we feel isolated from our community. Give a little extra love and care to your furry family members, too, if you have. Petting your dog for just a few minutes a day can lower stress and boost endorphins. Sounds like a great way to be unproductively content, if you ask us!

Go easy on yourself and remember that we’re in this together!