Spoil Yourself With Stylish Jewellery From These Stores

There is nothing wrong with spoiling yourself and that's why you need a bit of sparkle. Find your sparkle and spoil yourself at one of these jewellery stores.
Mary Jean
Photo By Mary Jean

Everyone has their own style, especially when it comes to jewellery. Through this jewellery guide, you will be able to see the diversity and different characters shining through jewellery trends. Whether you are looking for something simple and elegant or something that pops with colour, you will find it at these spots.

Ladies Jewellery Stores Johannesburg


Pandora captures the personality of the spontaneous, youthful and fashion forward women who love to look good and make a statement.

This is the place to find a piece of jewellery that fits your character.

Pandora has a wide selection of necklaces, charms, rings, bangles and much more!

Ladies Jewellery Stores Johannesburg

Colette By Colette Hayman

Colette By Colette Hayman brings the best of old and new. With impeccable attention to detail, their pieces of jewellery are the best of both worth.

Colette By Colette Hayman is where you can find your next piece, set in traditional colours like gold and silver with unique design twists – you won’t help but want it all.

You can get some of the best gifting items such as bracelets, earrings, rings and chokers.

Jewellery Stores in Johannesburg

Mary Jean

Mary Jean is about craftsmanship. They offer handmade jewellery that will express your inner creativity and style.

Their pieces are fresh, creative pieces of art, telling the story of simplicity, beauty and African royalty. This brand will leave you feeling regal and fashion forward.

They have a bold and beautiful geometric style that stands out far above the rest.

Jewellery Stores in Johannesburg


Pichulik’s designs are made with attention to detail and unique touches that make every piece stand out. It is inspired by the African female and her beauty.

They make bold jewellery for brave women. They have crafted these pieces to get your creative juices flowing. Using the essence of the African continent, they bring us together for the love of jewellery.

Ladies Jewellery Stores Johannesburg


Nomination are the epitome of simplicity, elegance and creativity.

Nomination’s founder started by creating bracelets, but ended up creating even more and blessed us with necklaces, earrings and accessories, among others.

They have a unique and quirky design approach, ensuring that each piece has character and pizzazz.

And they have an option to create your own bracelet, giving you a chance to personalise your jewellery to fit your style. This also makes a thoughtful gifting option.

It’s time to find your sparkle, ladies!