Keep An Eye On These Visual Artists From Pretoria

Producing works of notoriety in the wide spectrum of visual art mediums has always been a complex and mystical process, but no more than in contemporary times. The advent of things like social media and viral, or streaming, culture, has proved to be shortening our attention spans and extending our senses of short-spurted sensationalism.

There has always been artists, and we can safely assume there will always be artists. People who create and present important works that challenges and advances our understanding of human condition. We certainly have no shortage of said masters in Pretoria. There are so many exceptionally creative and brilliantly innovative artists based in the capital city, that it is impossible to feature even a fraction of them.

Although, here we would like to take a closer look at a handful of the most promising and exciting creators who have been making waves in the local art scene for some time now.

Heidi Fourie

Having made somewhat of a name for herself with various exhibitions both locally and internationally, Heidi Fourie is known as one of the most established Pretorian artists. She attained her BA Fine Arts with cum laude from the University of Pretoria in 2012. Her subjects have been explained as an “exploration of the order and the chaos within the act of painting. The balance between control and uncontrollability…” The subject matter and inspiration comes from everyday encounters within the online and tangible environments.

Malose Pete

Born in 1989 in Polokwane, Limpopo, Malose Pete started practicing his craft in primary school by making animal sculptures for teachers and class illustrations in an environment where art classes were not at anybody’s disposal. He graduated with a B-Tech Degree in Painting and Sculpture from the Fine Arts Department at the Tshwane University of Technology in 2011. Pete has done many exhibitions in Pretoria and elsewhere since 2010, and undertaken various large scale artworks such as mural projects at schools in and around Ga-Mahoai where he grew up.

Allen Laing

Said to explore the loss of culture and ritual in a mass-produced consumerist society, Allen Laing is one of the most exciting sculptors currently working. His “inventions” are interactive sculptural objects designed and produced to perform humble tasks in response to daily struggles and frustrations. He utilizes everyday articles, and repurposed materials such as wood and metals to construct and reconstruct his works. He graduated from the University of Pretoria with a degree in Fine Arts, and is also a founding member of the Found Collective, a collaborative project for the promotion of the arts in the 012.

Katlego Modiri

Considered a print making artist by medium, Katlego Modiri has undertaken more than fourteen exhibitions in the four years he has been working professionally. His inspiration and subject matter predominantly consists of the human figure with themes of power and romanticism. His preferred medium is the silkscreen methodology, but he is also proficient and skilled in intaglio, relief, etching, and glass kiln work, or a combination thereof. He has studied printmaking and glass at the Tshwane University of Technology, and attained his B-Tech in 2012. He has also done numerous government and private commissions.

Dylan Graham

A painter and musician from Pretoria whose works are intensively tactile and expressive by means of oil on canvas or wood primarily. He has been an exceedingly significant artist in the city for many years now. Dylan Graham’s subjects are usually the commonplace features or objects in his immediate environment such as figures, books, tools, and faces, all figurative and representative. Explained as “both image and simply paint, substance and shadow, the seen and the unseen…” He graduated from the Technikon Pretoria in 2000, and has taken part in, and presented, a wide range of solo and group exhibtions. Dylan also plays lead guitar for the SAMA nominated Pretoria band, Die See.

by David C. Steyn