Keep The Lockdown Weight Gain Off

During the lockdown, we're bound to get lazy and potentially gain weight! To keep the lockdown weight off, here's what you can do.

lockdown weight

YouTube Workouts

The first place to scour when you need workout inspiration and regimes to help you keep the corona bulge off while in isolation is YouTube! This platform offers a wide range of exercise videos, including HIIT workouts, weighted exercises and at-home solutions if you don’t have the right gym machines or items with you (did you know using a 2L bottle of water is just as good at a 2kg dumbbell?)

Visit Blogilates with certified fitness instructor, Cassey Ho, and take a look at her full-length POP Pilates, PIIT28 and Bootcamp Sculpting workouts that will truly make you feel the burn!

FitnessBlender offers tons of HIIT and strength training exercises if you’re looking for a challenging workout to test your limits.

And lastly, how about a great workout with plenty of entertainment and dancing? The Fitness Marshall will have you up on your feet doing a dance workout to a few of your favourite tunes (Justin Bieber’s Yummy being one of them!)

We have an article dedicated to YouTube workouts here if you want to broaden your arsenal of exercise videos.

Clean The House 

There is another way to get your heart rate up and have you breaking a sweat. Grab your household cleaning products and start a mass cleaning session at home. Believe it or not, but cleaning your home from top to bottom is a great full body workout. Plus, all the walking around the house from room to room will have you getting your daily 10 000 steps done in no time!

women cleaning kitchen floor with mop lockdown

Do Your Steps 

Don’t underestimate the effectiveness and power of walking! According to FitBit, completing 10 000 steps each day typically burns between 2 000 to 3 500 calories per week. So, lace up your takkies and take a power walk around your house, garden or property. If you incorporate this with a spring clean AND a YouTube workout, you’ll definitely hit that 10 000 step mark with ease.

lockdown walking grey nike sneakers on green grass

Limit Your Snacks

We know! You’re stuck at home, bored with nothing better to do than snack on all of your favourite treats while binge watching throwback series like Desperate Housewives. We also have a list of must-watch throwback series here, if you’re interested. But let’s face it, the binge snacking will get the better of us by the end of the lockdown. So, how do we curb this?

Firstly, limit your snacks and where you can, swap them out for healthier alternatives. For example, if you’re craving something sweet like chocolate, pick up a fruit instead. Or rather go for a piece of dark chocolate (less calories!)

Next, stick with your regular routine of having breakfast, lunch and dinner. This lockdown is definitely throwing us all off when it comes to our norm, but you need to stick with your usual meal times to avoid excessive indulging.

lockdown fresh produce and vegetables in a heart shape basket, bananas, red peppers, green peppers, orange carrots, red onions

Play With The Kids

There’s no easier way to keep in shape than by running after and having a blast with the kids! They’re all little bundles of energy, so they’ll definitely keep you on your feet, up and moving. Even better, why not head outside and play a few games of tag, catch, soccer, leap frog and more? These old school outdoor games will have you and the little ones active, away from technology and off the couch.

lockdown little girl kicking a soccer ball outside on green grass