Let’s Organise Our Wardrobe

Since we are all under lockdown, we may as well use our time wisely. Let's roll up our sleeves and organise our wardrobes. 


Removing all the excess clutter from your wardrobe is perhaps the hardest part of spring cleaning. But once all the mess is sorted, the rest is a breeze. We recommend you pull out all your clothes from the cupboard and load them onto your bed. Separate the clothes you wear often from the ones you hardy ever wear. This way, you can organise your closet according to what you wear the most. If there are any items you’re not sure you want to keep, consider donating them to someone in need.

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Closet Clean Up!

Now that your cupboards are empty, it is time to give them a good scrub. Wash and dust all the shelves and surfaces, paying special attention to the corners. If you have broken shelves or hinges, consider replacing them with new ones.

Assorted Cloth Lot

Now Onto Designing Your Closet

Once your cupboard is clean, it’s time to redecorate. You can spruce up your closet by painting it or simply reline the shelves with some new paper.

White Clothes Hanging on Gray Clothes Hanger

Get Your Clothes In Formation

Decide where you want your shoes and clothes to go and how you want to organise your cupboard. You can arrange your clothes according to colour, how often you wear them or by season, whatever works for you. Remember to consider how easy it will be for you to keep your closet organised.

Assorted-color Apparels

Hang Your Fancy And Delicate Items

After spending a fortune on certain items, we want to take care of them. The best way to do this is to hang them up neatly. This will also prevent your clothes from getting any wrinkles.

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Stack It Up

Bulky items, like denim and jerseys, need to be carefully folded and packed away on the shelves in your closet. You can simply stack them neatly to save some space.

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