Local Vegan Hangouts Worth Trying

Even though I am nowhere near proclaiming myself a vegan, at least not yet, I can imagine the hardship and condescension experienced by said individuals. Despite the world growing somewhat accustomed to this lifestyle being a part of our collective and contemporary society, we still struggle to cater for the community that absolutely abstains from the use of animal products.

Luckily, there are several eateries and spots around our own dearest metropolis that takes the vegan palate into account, and has been identified as prominent vegan-friendly locales. Here is our list of the top vegan stomping grounds in Pretoria.

Namaskar Restaurant

The upscale North Indian restaurant located in Colbyn has been in business since 2008. It also specializes in serving Indo-Chinese cuisine. Even though it serves meat and fare for diners across the board, there is a broad selection of vegan and vegetarian starters and main dishes on the menu. This restaurant is ideal for almost any dining occasion.


Blos Café

A massively alluring and idyllically homelike place in Faerie Glen with delectable fare. It also caters to palates of all kinds, but has a menu on offer specifically designed to feed and provide for both the vegan and vegetarian patron. The location’s aesthetic coupled with the fine food makes for a bucket list entry on the capital’s eatery guide.


Geet Indian Restaurant

This eating house in Brooklyn could almost be considered to be a culinary institution in the 012. It has been one of the best restaurants in the city serving up Indian cuisine for some time now. This fine dining spot with its gloriously delicious fare takes into consideration the vegan diner by means of a wide range of options on an entirely seperate vegan menu. They should be saluted for such a practice.



This is an exceptionally warm café that serves a gourmet home-style proudly South African menu. The eatery has become a local favourite, and is known to be vastly accommodating towards dietary requirements. The tantalizing dishes could be made to special vegan order on request. Their delicious assortment of menu items has made it a crucial visit for any foodie of any diet.


Culture Club

This is the motherload for any self-respecting epicure or gourmand. Located in the heart of the food village in Hazelwood, the bar de tapas and purveyor of fine hipster gin varieties is undoubtedly one of the best eatery’s in town. They also don’t shy away from featuring fine and abundant vegan options on their vastly tasty bill of fare. Their daily specials also include several vegan courses and choices on request from the waitron.


La Coco C – Food Purveyors

This certainly should become a trusty old haunt on any vegan finding themselves hungry in the capital city. Their extensive menu boasts with the most expansive selection of vegan and vegetarian dishes around, made with the freshest, most nutritional, and delicious ingredients available. This establishment is aimed towards the coupling of healthy eating and deliciousness, and immensely conscious of their carbon-footprint. They use sustainable materials and resources whenever possible.


By David C Steyn