Lucky Rodrigo Restaurant Is Worth The Hype

A place where an eclectic mix of people meet, Lucky Rodrigo (Lucky’s) is dynamic and currently very popular. Calling a restaurant 'dynamic' might sound like adjectival posturing, but Lucky’s really is having its moment. Hipsters and families alike can enjoy the venue for its great menu and casual vibe.

Lucky Rodrigo

Both the owners and staff have received lousy reviews online for their cheek, but it seems more the upshot of a happening restaurant that struggles to manage customers diplomatically, rather than any innate hostility. But be warned, if you want to book a table sometime, confirm twice, as intel from staff varies. From “No, we don’t reserve tables,” to “Yes this is booked, and you’ll have to move.” Apart from the sometimes ham-fisted engineering of their retail space, Lucky’s offers awesome grub and a lekker, busy to pumping vibe, depending on the time of day or night.

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Observations depicting the restaurant as expensive are unfounded, as the average visitor can get away with around R80 for a drink and a meal. Really yummy steak, burgers and even seafood dot the menu, and many patrons order the prego roll as they sit down. It’s good! Like many vibey, busy restaurants, don’t quibble if the service is slow, as most customers are there for the long haul and the staff seem used to that. Rather buy your drinks from the bar if you’d like to sip them within 15 minutes, at least after dark. Because many clients do lounge there, the pace of service is broadly set by the casual hipster vibe.

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Lunch at @lucky_rodrigo

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Equally important is the close-to-work custom at Lucky’s and, to be honest, these folks popping in for lunch or for a snack and drinkies after work are the most frequent complainers, pressed as they are for time. Lucky’s is both a hipster’s paradise and relaxing family place, although families normally do daytime and then yield to the night’s hip folk. Enjoy diverse conversations at the Lucky Rodrigo bar with academics and students alike, yuppies, skollies and business folk.

Not the high end of retail service, Lucky’s is still an awesome place to meet and hang out with a retro touch and a casual, welcoming atmosphere. The vibe is largely from the mense, so never mind the occasional slipped service item or somewhat dof management of patrons by the owners. Let’s hope the retail service ethic improves. For many a home away from home, there are also great milkshakes for kids, alongside the exciting adult menu at Lucky Rodrigo.

Find Lucky Rodrigo at the corner of The Hillside Street and Alpine Way, Lynnwood, or on (012) 348 8937.