Meet The Groenkloof Nature Reserve

Once the playground of Shaka’s nemesis, Mzilikazi, as he gravitated north towards Zimbabwe, the Groenkloof Nature Reserve holds some surprises, even for people who are familiar with the area.

groenkloof nature reserve

An exciting range of activities happen daily on the premises, quite apart from the truly “bushveld” experience to be had simply cruising through the reserve.

Established around 5km south of Pretoria’s city center, Groenkloof is another of Oom Paul’s initiatives, as it was Kruger who established the area as a reserve in the late 1800s, preserving the beautifully wild aspects of Tshwane forever more. Zebra, wildebeest, giraffe, impala, kudu and many other species all amble about, and of course Groenkloof’s local bird life draws thousands of twitchers every year. But the real fun to be had for many is sporting activities on the reserve.

groenkloof nature reserve

Play Groenkloof

A nature sanctuary geared for people, mountain bikers will love the reserve’s many trails, as do 4 X 4 enthusiasts and both fraternities are fully catered for onsite. Apart from biking, quad and SUV trails, the reserve has a breakdown service for over-enthusiastic off-roaders who roll over or otherwise get stuck. They also offer tractor drives, hiking trails and even overnight facilities for hikers. There are also dedicated overnight amenities for schoolchildren’s camp excursions, along with environmental education, guided and night tours are always happening.
Horse trails are a big attraction for many who’d like to spend an idyllic day in the saddle. And both the De Wildt and Hennops off-road 4 X 4 trails are also close by for petrol heads who want to keep scrambling on!

Eat Groenkloof

Although there is no restaurant in the reserve itself, there are innumerable braai and picnic areas and restaurants, as well as day spas, are close by – some only a few blocks away. Most visitors are there for a day’s outdoor meal with friends and family though and it’s the sort of location that typically brings out the best in a picnic basket!

Sleep Groenkloof

At an entrance fee of only R38 for adults, spending the day at Groenkloof is a no-brainer for many residents and Pretoria visitors who want a moment of green fun and activity in Tshwane. Although more a day trip venue, as camping and accommodation are not usual aspects of Groenkloof, there are facilities that can accommodate those who want to soak it up a little longer. Be aware that bookings should be made well in advance if you’d like to spend the night there.

Bring: binoculars, sensible shoes, a picnic lunch, water bottles and sunscreen, along with a dedication to soaking up some green fun. Few city dwellers in the world can boast such immediate proximity to real wildlife and outdoor living. And remember, there are also monthly ticket options. All prices are a song in comparison to private venues, so get in there and enjoy!

Contact +2712 358 1757 or +2712 358 1720
Opening/closing hours in summer (September to April) 5.30am to 7pm
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