A-Z Journey Kit For You And The Baby

We have a super cool kit to help you through the pregnancy journey.

Maternity Wear

There is no reason why you can’t still be fabulous, fashionable and comfortable while you are pregnant. Annabella offers fashionable clothing for expectant mothers. They have a wide range of clothing and swimwear perfect to keep you comfortable and on trend as your baby bump grows.

Maternity Wear To Dress That Belly

Pregnancy Fitness

Staying fit throughout your pregnancy is one of the best things you can do for you and your baby. This is because it improves blood circulation and mobility. It can also help you prepare for the birth with breathing exercises.

Yoga Mama offers pregnancy yoga classes that include joint exercises, breathing exercises and gentle stretching. This will help ensure a smooth pregnancy for both you and the baby.

Pregnancy Yoga Classes

Baby Room

With a baby on the way, now is the time to get their room in order. Baby Couture has everything you need to deck out baby’s room, from interior wear and accessories to toys and furniture. Their unique and creative designs are available in a variety of styles, colours and textures, ensuring a safe and happy space for your little one.

Baby Couture

Baby Carriers

Baby carriers should be one of the first items on your list to get for the baby. Not only are they stylish and trendy, but useful too. A great place to find a baby carrier is Noonoo Pie. Their high quality products are made from 95% cotton and lycra for stretch.

Offering the convenience of online shopping, Noonoo Pie is the perfect spot to find fun, colourful and innovative carriers to keep your bundle of joy safe and secure.

Baby Carriers Joburg

Baby Clothes

To dress baby in fashionable, comfortable, colourful and fun clothing, visit Naartjie. This brand offers clothing for boys and girls, from babies to toddlers.

The natural softness of their fabric will keep kids comfortable and stylish. You can find Naartjie clothes at Truworths stores.

Naartjie Kids

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